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Heads up: Alexei Navalny is emerging as one of the great heros of our time

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Martin Luther King, Mahatma Ghandi, and Alexei Navalny.

Fifty years from now that sentence could actually make sense.

Alexei Navalny is a signifncant opposition leader in Russia, amid one of the more oppressive regimes in the world today, Navalny has galvanized the Russian people, and demanded more of a system that committed political atrocities against it’s own people.

Russia is ruled by Vladimir Putin, who reigns supreme as the most powerful autocrat in the world.

Putin rules with an iron fist, he has zero tolerance for civil disobedience, or any type of confusion that he interprets as a disservice to his power.

To that end, he has been accused of rigging elections and national polls, greatly influencing the judicial system, siezing successful companies and giving them to colleagues, cracking down on basic human rights, retaining much of the countries wealth for him and his homies, Putin has all but erased civil liberties for his people.

Russia not free

Putin also has made a habit of whacking out anyone that talks too much, anyone with public reach that holds Putin accountable could be assassinated.

The proof is in the pudding. 

Journalists, politicians, and opposition leaders, public figures have died horrible deaths after running afoul of Putin or his people.

Alexei Navalny is without question the biggest threat Putin has ever faced, never before has the Russian President been faced with a man that can create joint rallies(hundreds of thousands) in 95 Russian cities at once.

Navalny is a lawyer by trade, his academic approach is augmented by his noble spirit.

He speaks to Russia via his insanely popular blog that details his incredible fight against the Kremlin.

Navalny is stubborn, obssessed with his duty to restore freedom to his country, so he had no issue going to jail every 5 days during his campaign for the Russian Presidency.

The crackdowns were centered around his grassroots campaign to shut down Putin’s government.

Nonetheless, the Russian freedom fighter continued to win the hearts of millions of people, and evolve into a Braveheart type figure.

The Russian authorities have made a weekly ritual of arresting Navalny, and now the government is using those arrests to refuse his official entry into the Russian election.

Clearly the decision is politically motivated, and done so at the behest of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is also running in this “election”.

Navalny is applying for entry into the Russian Presidential election today, and many believe his entry will be denied despite rip roaring support for his cause.

A man like Navalny, who is willing to risk his die to save his people, is the type of hero that could change the world.

If he lives, and is given the chance to instigate change, many of the problems facing us as a global community will be addressed all at once.

Robert Mueller is an attorney, who has unlimited resources, and the power of the FBI behind him.

Navalvy is a revolutionary, who is fighting a war with limited resources, and a government authority that will never let his message be heard.

Even if that means killing him.

Mueller gets all the press, but Navalvy is fighting evil on a whole different level.

Alexei Navalvy is a hero, and the world is ambivalent.

Perhaps history will give him his just due.




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