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Heads up! The Polar Vortex is coming for our souls this weekend

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Word is spreading up and down the Eastern Seaboard that many Americans are headed for the coldest weekend in years.

Christmas season is upon us, but these type of freezing conditions will shake you to the bone.


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Thanks to another unwelcome visit from the Polar Vortex, dangerous, life-threatening cold temperatures and fierce winds will spread across much of the Midwest and Northeast over the next several days.

A snowstorm will also add to the wintry misery for parts of the northern U.S. with blizzard conditions possible in some areas.

The cold will come in two waves, the first Wednesday and Thursday and the second — which could be even more brutal — over the weekend.

This type of weather is life threatening, even without snow, or ice, some schools and government agencies might be forced to close down before the weekend.

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I personally might have to cancel my trip to the Star Wars spectacular because the wind chill for Thursday night is rumored to be -25 or worse.

Here is a list of 5 things you can do to avoid being bitten this weekend.

  1. Stay inside!

Seems simple, but many of us get a rush out of challenging mother nature, this is not the weekend to do it! Stock up on bare essentials now, not on Saturday. Booze, food, movies, make sure everything is in tow before the chaos hits

2. Bundle up if you do go outside

Hypothermia is serious, and we would advise everyone reading this to forgo finding out how serious. Gloves, hats, long underwear and coats. Those who will insist on jogging in this weather beware, getting exercise, and potentially damaging your body tempeture are two different things.

3. Limit the use of cars

Cold like this is damaging to cars, even when they are not being driven, if you consider the ice and snow that is expected, leaving the car in the driveway might be the best bet

4. Cancel travel plans

This is not the weekend to travel. By land, air, or sea, the vortex will cause havoc on machinary, as mentioned in tip #3, the use of any transportation is a risk. It’s better to stay home with your partner, or family, and wait for the winds of winter to pass

5. Address unfinished projects

Being trapped inside the house stinks, but it does not have to be a jail sentence. Working from home, reading, cleaning the basement, there is plenty of ways to be productive during your term. The best way to deal with this craziness is to enjoy the comfort of home, and keep yourself busy.




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