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Here we go: Michael Flynn strikes plea deal with Mueller, will testify against Trump

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Former National Security advisor Michael Flynn has pled guilty to lying to the FBI about back channel conversations with a Russian ambassador.

Flynn’s deal confirms that he is now cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and he will bring everything he knows to bare on the current White House administration.

The plea is the biggest development yet in the Trump/Russia investigation, and one of the most significant stories in American history.

Michael Flynn’s plea deal is sweet considering all the laws he broke, including failing to register as a foreign agent, or accepting large sums of money to exert his domestic influence.

Mueller turning the cheek on so many felonies implies that Flynn is in possession of incredible information.

Which according to sources, he certainly is.

Along with the deal, is the promise that Flynn will testify that President Trump himself directed him to make contact with the Russians, and that he prepared to testify against everyone involved.

The story confirms the long standing belief, that if Mueller is willing to plead out the former National Security advisor,  President Trump must be the target.

Which he is, this is dead to rights in black in white on a federal court docket, President Trump betrayed his own country, and asked others to go along for the ride.

Then lied about, for the better part of a year.

President Trump didn’t just lie, he attempted to dismantle the media, he exerted pressure on the legislative branch of the government to halt it’s Russia investigation, he attempted to convince America it was Obama and Hilliary Clinton who were in bed with the Russians.

He fired former FBI director James Comey, he threw Attorney General Jeff Sessios under the bus for allowing Robert Mueller to be appointed Special Counsel.

He called the entire story fake news, he claimed during the election cycle that “I have nothing to do with Russia folks”.

Trump did everything he could  to halt the investigation while also putting pressure on everyone to drop the story or abandon the inquiry.

President Trump’s corrupt intent is complete, his behavior cannot be attributed to being a political novice, or an egotistical business man.

The case for the obstruction of justice was finalized last night when the New York Times confirmed Trump’s meddling in congressional investigations, and the fact that Jeff Sessions refused to answer under oath whether or not Trump had directed him to meddle in the Justice Departments investigation into Russian interference.

Those developments did not prove Trump’s corrupt intent, not in the court of law.

This does, and who knows what else Michael Flynn is going to testify before the grand jury, Mueller would never show his entire hand during an active investigation.

He would rather spook people into submission with electrifying headlines,  bits and pieces of information.

Now the flood gates are open, the investigation has gone from a nusiance, to a clear and present danger for everyone involved in this crime against the American republic.

The jig saw puzzle is pretty much finished at this point.

There was a clear cooperation between Russians, the Trump campaign, and Wikileaks, that three way relationship helped Donald Trump get elected.

The cooperation was complex, these 3 parties waged a 5 front war.

Disinformation campaigns, cyber crimes, financial crimes, payoffs, off the books meetings in clandestine cities, political manuvering, and under the table dirt for policy agreements.

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As President, Trump has avoided any criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin, lied through his teeth about any involvement with Putin’s governement, refused to further sanction the Russians even though Congress passed a bi partisan bill with a deadline that has come and gone.

All three parties worked in each others interest, all three parties did everything they could hide to the truth from the public, and swing the American election towards Donald Trump.

Consider all the denials we have heard over the course of 18 months, all the BS.

All the tweets attacking the free press, all the distractions, the bigotry, the Muslim videos, the anthem protest whining, President Trump treated all of us like we are idiots, and he did it while he was damaging the country behind the scenes.

Impeachment is pretty much in the bag right now, what Trump has to start considering is a a potentially life ending stint in federal prison.

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