Melania Trump slaps away her husband’s hand when he attempts to hold hers

From Wikimedia Commons

The first family is several days into their first foreign trip.

They visited Saudi Arabia, and have now traveled to Israel.

With a raging fire of controversy brewing at home, the Trumps could certainly use some positive headlines as the President attempts to project power abroad.

But even that seems difficult.

Case and point, this video

There  has been rumors that Melania is unhappy, and there is always the chance that they were in the midst of a disagreement.

Whatever the problem is, this behavior reflects poorly on the United States, the first family is supposed to be the example, and they have been anything but that.

They essentially live in separate cities, and have continually produced awkward moments in public.

Melania Trump is truly a reluctant first lady, she does not seem to grasp the social and political obligations that come with the job.

She shuns it, it’s not something that’s important to her.

She is reportedly unhappy with Trump’s staff, but that has not prevented her from living in New York city compliments of the American tax payer, or failing to do anything substantial in her husbands first 4 months in office.



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