Interracial couple being fined by the city of Stamford for being victims of a hate crime

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An interracial couple in Stamford Connecticut is being fined by the city for refusing to remove racist graftti from their garage door that showed up on Martin Luther King Jr weeekend.

The pair were victims of a hate crime, and appear to be sending a message to the city, and the world.

Stamford PD however is unconcerned with any messages, they just want to the grafftti gone, and out of the public eye.

The police are issuing a “blight citation” to the couple on a daily basis until they take it down.

The citation’s themselves are questionable, not sure the law applies but the cops are moving ahead anyway.

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$100 per a day will start to add up as time goes along.

From the New York Post

Heather Lindsay, who is white, said they won’t scrub it off until authorities “do their job” and “not just cover it up and sweep it under the table as they have done in the past.”

Lindsay, 59, said at least three neighbors have shouted the n-word at her husband, Lexene Charles, who is black, and their home has been vandalized several times before.

“That’s why we’re leaving it up,” she told The Post. “Because I’ve had it.”

The couple’s reaction to the hate crime is that of defiance, because who ever did this clearly lives within the community.

This person is also a coward, and they can live with their artwork as the entire country takes notice.

Interracial couples have been a tradtional target for bigots, and hate mongerers, something about the dynamic is disturbing to a percentage of this country.

The city of Stamford fining them is an odd reaction to a embarrassing story, they focus on the couple as oppose to the citizens that are responsible?

The couple did not put that garbage on their home, they were attacked.

Stamford, and Connecticut in general has more racism than people are willing to believe.

Stamford Connecticut has a problem that goes beyond this crime, deep seeded racism has found home in the community.

Does that extend to the police department?

A keystone cops investigation would uncover the people responsible, so the actions of law enforcement should be examined.

Inaction by the cops will make this story bigger and bigger, and the ALCU will go to court tonight to defend these people.

The city of Stamford needs to put this to bed, it’s hurting the image of the city.



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