It’s about time: Barack Obama finally calls for an investigation into Russia’s involvement in the election

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For months the American public has developed a collective curosity towards the actions of the Russian Federation during our election.

That intrigue was only amplified when images coming out of Russia when Trump was elected seems to indicate that the Russians had directly been involved in the result.

Government officials have been accusing the Russians of hacking key elements of the America’s political structure throughout the latter stages of the US General election, but nothing came of it.

All talk and no action.

While it was never proven, the rumors started to materialize into facts when observers started putting the pieces together.

All of the leaked emails, communications, and transactions, seemed to be geared towards helping Presidential Nominee Donald Trump reach the White House.

The confidential materials also targeted Hillary Clinton on a personal, and professional level.

Her staff, her speeches, the sky was the limit for weeks and weeks.

Wiki Leaks was the conduit for the madness, but in the words of the great Harvey Dent “The Joker is just a mad dog, someone let him on the leash”.

From Wikimedia Commons
From Wikimedia Commons

In that case, this someone appears to be the Russians.

Defense officials, intelligence operatives, justice department participants, it seems everyone in the United States government believed that Russia was behind the hacking.

Everyone but Donald Trump.

When the White House finally stepped up to the plate, and pointed the finger at Russia officially, some saw the move as too little to late.

The second the Russians were suspected of hacking our political system ahead of a generational election, a full investigation should have been instigated by our government.

Obama administration officials claimed there was danger in pointing the finger at Russia on the record, but in the end, we ended up looking timid, and unsure of ourselves.

It was a moment of weakness by Barack Obama, who sometimes makes the mistake of believing that strategic patience  can solve all problems.

That’s not the case here.

He is dealing with a political gangster, a war mongering bully, and bullies only understand force.

Some people must not be allowed to benefit from hestitation, they must be dealt with devoid of emotion

They cross you, there is no discussion, you punch them in the face.

Vladimir Putin is a documented murderer, an autocrat who wants nothing more, than the fall of American society, and in Donald Trump, he sees the perfect highway towards that destination.

The reason the Russians played with our election is simple.

Vladimir Putin wanted nothing to do with a Hillary Clinton Presidency, and believes he could use an inexperienced Trump to advance the Russian agenda.

Putin has hated Clinton ever since she encouraged protesters in Russia to stand up to Putin following the shady 2011 election while also questioning the legitmacy of Putin’s rule.

She would had kept the crippling UN sanctions in place, President Clinton would have put pressure on Putin in the Baltic, and the former secretary of state would have fought Putin tooth and nail in Syria.

All of the fear mongering that Putin has employed over the last 2 years would have come to a grinding halt, and his country would have no hope for the future unless they started acting reasonably.

Putin believes several things at this point in time

  1. He can manipulate Trump into serving Russian interests if he hasn’t already 
  2. He can expand his borders, possibly invading other eastern european nations the same way he did in Ukraine. 
  3. He can restore the Russian economy by convincing Trump to lift the sanctions against his country 
  4. He can sew chaos in Europe because of Donald Trump’s inevitable political mishaps 

When determining guilt in the court of law, you have to satisfy 3 basic requirements.

Means, motive, and opportunity.

Vladimir Putin had the means, the motive, and the opportunity to hack the United States election, and while it’s unlikely Russian operatives actually accessed ballot machines, that does not discount the considerable effect on the election the leaked emails had.

The fact that Putin would feel he could behave in such reckless fashion, and get away with it is the biggest problem.

The second problem, is that the United States did not address it on the spot, they could have frozen Russian assets all over the world, and demanded an explanation.

If I was President, I would have yanked American business out Russia, and put cash, cars, boats, and anything else owned by the Russian elite into a bank vault with America’s name on it.

This was an act of war, and our President failed to protect out institution.

It seems Barack Obama is realizing the gravity of his error

From Twitter

From CNN

President Barack Obama has ordered a full review into 2016 election hacking by the Russians, Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Adviser Lisa Monaco said Friday.

“The President has directed the Intelligence Community to conduct a full review of what happened during the 2016 election process. It is to capture lessons learned from that and to report to a range of stakeholders,” she said at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast. “This is consistent with the work that we did over the summer to engage Congress on the threats that we were seeing.

The review is intended to be done before Donald Trump’s inauguration on January 20.

This “review” is appreciated, but the Russians will not be punished by President Trump unless its so scathing that he has no choice.

Which is Obama’s goal.

Putin has been a thorn in Obama’s side for 8 years, and this review could prove to be his revenge.

It also could taint the election results on the record, demonize Putin, and discredit Donald Trump all in one sitting.

From Ween

Many of us already were sickened by the election, if we are presented with irrefutable evidence that the Russian Federation actively attempted to influence the American public, Russia should be made to pay severely.

The Russian economy is roughly the size of Mexico’s, the United States can cancel them as players in world trade at the drop of a hat, and put pressure on the Russian people to get this “elected” lunatic out of office.

How would Russians feel about a carton of milk costing $40?

As for Trump?

Well the impending review could damage an already complicated legacy, and it does not help that Trump admitted to communicating with Putin advisors during the election.

Lets hope the extent of Trump’s involvement with Putin was limited to that one phone call after the election concluded.

If the US government uncovers anything, even a suggestion that Trump had knowledge of this, there is no way congress will stand for his Presidency.

He will be impeached, and automatically replace Richard Nixon as the most disgraced politician in American history.

He will forever be seen as the President who needed the illegal assistance of the Russians to take office.




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