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It’s unlikely that Michael Flynn contacted Russia without Trump’s knowledge

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Last night provided yet another twist in the Russia/Trump scandal that is unraveling an administration less than 24 days into Trump’s first term as President of the United States.

After being less than forthcoming about his communications with a Russian envoy, and then doubling down on his misrepresentation, Flynn’s future in the White House was on shaky ground, and his resignation  or firing seemed inevitable.

There is hope in the White House that his resignation will bring an end to the pulsating controversy, but those hopes will fall on deaf ears.

This is the just the begining, but before we move forward, we must look backward.

Just yesterday Trump advisor KellyAnne Conway got on national television and said this.

This interview took place roughly 6 hours before Flynn stepped down.

KellyAnne Conway continues to trip on her own shoelaces, but that’s another story.

Conway’s comments raised questions, how could the President have full confidence in a National Security who lied about his communications with the Russians?

A man who might have made under the table assurances to Vladimir Putin’s government shortly before President Barack Obama levied sanctions upon the country.

He conducted these discussions before he was the National security advisor.

Such a conversation makes perfect sense if you consider how tempered Vladimir Putin’s reaction to Obama’s executive action was.

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He barely batted an eyelash, an uncharacteristic response from a man who threatened the United States with nuclear war months earlier.

3 weeks later President Trump took office, and shortly after he was sworn in, his administration was warned about Michael Flynn by the Justice Department.

This was revealed yesterday by the Washington Post 

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The Justice Department warned the Trump administration about embattled national security adviser Michael Flynn’s contacts with Russia, two people with knowledge of the situation told The Associated Press on Monday night.
One of the people said the Justice Department alerted the White House that there was a discrepancy between what officials were saying publicly about the contacts and the facts of what had occurred.

The person said the Justice Department was concerned Flynn could be in a compromised position.

A Trump administration official said the White House has been aware of the Justice Department warning for “weeks.” The official would not say if the president had been briefed on the matter.

So the Trump Administration knew that Flynn could have been potentially compromised by the Russians, but they still went ahead with nominating him to the highest office security post in the country.

Sally Yates, the then  acting attorney general, who advised the White House of this, was subsequently fired for her stance on Trump’s immigration ban.

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There has been curosity about Trump’s apparant disdain for Sally Yates, and last night’s development might have provided the answer.

What we do know for sure, is that the Trump White House has known for weeks that Flynn might have violated the logan act, and yet, they have not done anything about it.

In fact, the administration has supported Flynn all the way, until the Washington Post reported the nature of Flynn’s dishonesty, and they got Flynn to deny it on the record shortly thereafter.

When Flynn stepped downlast night, the eyes of the world turned to the oval office.

Everyone wanted to know one thing.

It’s an age old question, a question that destroyed Richard Nixon.

What did the President know, and when did he know it?

That’s the million dollar question in America right now.

Think about the type of control freak President Trump is, and the sycophants that he has surrounded himself with.

Does anyone reading this believe that Trump is not fully aware of everything that goes on within his inner circle?

Does anyone reading this believe that Flynn would make political assurances to a foreign government without Trump having any idea whatsoever?

Does anyone reading this believe that Flynn would even make such a call without the President knowing?

Of course President Trump knew, he is not the type of man that is going to allow his subordinates to his interests without first hand knowledge.

The Flynn tapes could potentially rival the watergate tapes, because there is a chance that the President of the United States could be implicated in a conspiracy with Russia, and if he lies about it before the tapes are released, Congress will have no choice but to impeach him.

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Michael Flynn is the 3rd member of Trump’s team that has been removed for ties to the Russian Federation, that’s an astonishing statistic.

If Trump knew about this, but insisted upon keeping Flynn on board, while easing sanctions against Russia, and denying any involvement with the Kremlin whatsoever, it’s unlikely that his presidency will survive this controvsey.

He would be better off stepping down himself, but there is doubt that Mike Pence is a viable replacement.

After all, it was Pence that vouched for Michael Flynn when whispers of the conversation first hit the public domain.

President Trump, and his team knew about this, and still insisted on dismissing the administrations ties to Russia, while coining the phrase fake news.

What’s scary, is that this situation is merely a component in the broader relationship between Putin’s Kremlin, and Trump’s White House.

The same people that are attempting to define the extent of Russia’s influence on the Trump administration are about to take a serious look at Michael Flynn.

Because if anyone has something on the President, it’s him.





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