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Look: Kathy Griffin crossed the line with her beheaded image of Donald Trump

From Twitter

Comedian Kathy Griffin posted an image of her beheading the President of the United States sometime yesterday after noon.

The photographer who produced the image is noteworthy for convincing public figures to take wild pictures.

This certainly qualifies.

The backlash to her decision was swift, Griffin was condemned by observers on both sides of the aisle.

Whether or not you disagree with his politics, generating an ISIS like image of the American President having his head chopped off is not going to be deemed acceptable by anyone.

It was a short sighted attempt at humor, but could end up complicating Griffin’s life.

The secret service was less than crazy about the photo, and reportedly are inquiring with both the photographer, and Griffin herself.

While it’s unlikely she will be arrested, she certainly has lost the respect of her peers and her opponents.

Ms. Griffin had the sense to apologize after the fact, but that does not excuse a woman her age behaving with such little disregard for societal norms.



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