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Make no mistake: Vladimir Putin is using Trump to undermine western democracy

From Wikimedia Commons
From Wikimedia Commons

President Elect Donald Trump conducted an interview with Bill Oreilly in advance of the Super Bowl.

That interview will be telecast tonight as part of Fox’s coverage of the NFL championship.

Although the interview in it’s entirety has yet to be released, there is a snippet that has drawn the attention of everyone.

It is surreal to see an American president make unamerican statements on television.

Trump is damaging the American brand, he almost sounds like Vladimir Putin himself

If you look at the inerview Putin did with Charlie Rose, the theology is similar.

This should be cause for alarm, even if there was much too fear already.

Trump seems more in tune with Russia’s agenda than the needs of his own people, and he does not seem at all concerned with how democracy is precieved on the world stage.

He is also validating Vladimir Putin, the question is why?

Why is he doing this?

Putin has acted as an evil counter balance to American interest for years now, the man has flown bombers off the West coast, threatned American lives in  Syria if the US should intervene, buzzed our warships with warplanes in the baltic.

All in the last 4 months.

How can Trump respect him, speak in glowing terms about his leadership?

This is a problem.

Democratic lawmaker Nancy Pelosi shares these concerns.

This is where Trump’s business ties become an issue. .

Trump has taken two controversial positions on top of his outright praise of Vladimir Putin.

  1. He refuses to release his taxes.
  2. He eased US sanctions against Russia under the radar last week, the measure was focused on cyber security no less. 

Trump has denied outright that he has ties to Russia, or that they have leverage on him.

While we don’t know all of the details, we can conclude that we have a Russian friendly President who goes out of his way to push the Russian agenda, and undermine the American union.

It would seem lazy for Trump to be so overt if he is indeed colluding with a foreign power, but given his attention to detail in other situations anything is possible.

Word broke a couple weeks ago that several intelligence agencies were investigating Trump’s ties to Russia, and the fact that they have not outright cleared him is a worrisome prospect, one that Trump cannot run from.

He is so brazen, that while he is under investigation for connections to Russia, he goes on national television, tells America that we are we too are killers, and then praises the man most directly responsible for the genocide that took place in Allepo this past year.

Trump has shown that he will fire those people that refuse to do his bidding, and he has inserted his henchmen in prime positions all over the bureaucracy.

So the investigation is not without road blocks, but if there is not some sort of hearing, or referendum, the perception will be that Trump is in full control of the US government, and there is nobody to check his relationship with Russia.

Putin meanwhile is enjoying all of this, he wishes to undermine western democracy, and Donald Trump is a one way ticket to that destination.



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