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Massive protests show the Russian people are finally ready to fight Vladimir Putin

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Russian President Vladimir Putin is having a banner year.

In the space of a 365 days, he planted the Russian flag in the middle east, inserting the Russian Federation into the Syrian Civil War.

He beefed up his weaponary, while instructing his military to buzz US warships and planes, the Russian navy as become super aggressive.

He successfully meddled in the American election through hybrid warfare, and may have been cooperating with the current US President’s transition team.

He has cultivated a warm relationship with China, and participated in joint military exercises with the eastern superpower.

Putin has been everywhere, making deals, issuing threats, he is very active on the international stage.

But he is the Russian President, not the President of Earth, and his shenanigans are costing Russia money it might not have.

Although he went into Crimea almost 3 years ago, the sanctions from that short sighted move have devastated Russia’s ability to fully participate in world commerce.

Putin’s ambition cost the Russian people quality of life, they paid for his aggression.

Russia is ruled by Putin, and his close circle of Oligarchs, the system is set up to funnel money and resources to individuals, not the government itself which is another example of Putin’s shortcomings when it comes to  economic policy.

He has made a disaster of the Russian economy because he did not have an alternate course of action if the price of oil per a barrel dropped below $80, and he has watched his economy shrink as a result

It is now smaller than Mexico’s.

When Barack Obama called Russia a regional power, he was referring to their economy.

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Putin does not believe in freedom, the ability to create enterprise, the separation of government and business.

So the market in Russia is a disaster zone, because anyone who becomes too successful, or makes to much money, is in danger of being commandeered by Putin’s security services, or being charged with crimes for frivolous.

The only option is to pledge fealty to Putin, and allow him to stick his fingers into your business, or your earnings.

The citizens who don’t have money, or are not successful, have been badly damaged by the massive depreciation of the ruble.

The currency crisis has affected everything, including the availability of jobs, and the cost of food.

Putin’s myopic ban on imported goods has again hurt his people, he always leaves the Russian people stuck with the tab.

Putin’s machinations have inspired anger, the Russian people wanted him gone in 2011,  and were encouraged at the time by Hillary Clinton.

Which is why Putin hates her.

Of course opposing Putin has dire consequences in Russia, 10 different people (including a former lawmaker last week) who had the audacity to question the leadership methods of Putin were killed, many times in public.

Opposition leaders, journalists, human right advocates, if you speak out against Putin, and attract a following or make an impact, chances are you will be whacked, that is how the numbers have played out since Putin assumed power in 1999.

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The Russian people are fed up with Putin, the government concocted approval ratings are flat out BS, I have that from someone who lived in Russia, she tells me that “everyone is terrified of Putin, he rules with an iron fist, he is not an elected leader, he is a thug that encourages corruption”

From Wikimedia Commons
From Wikimedia Commons

Putin controls the government, and terms of office do not apply to him, he is essentially an emperor, even when he worked as the prime minister of Russia, he was still running the country.

Which leads us to the demonstrations that swept across Russia yesterday, the most public rebuke of Putin’s leadership we have seen in years.

Thousands of people marched all over the country, and of course, the influential opposition leader Alexei Navalny was detained by police although he later tweeted that he was ok.

These protests are in response to fancy lifestyle of the vaunted oligarchs, and the corruption that has torn the country apart.

The Russian people can barely afford to buy groceries, but the greedy Oligarchs collecting the taxes are living in mansions and relaxing on king sized boats.

This broken pathetic system that Putin has created will prove to be his undoing.

Russia will not survive under Putin’s leadership, and the threat is not the West.

It’s Putin himself, his military adventures combined with his corrupt approach to economic policy is soaking his country dry, and every civilization has it’s breaking point.

Putin also attacks the right of the individual, basic civil liberties have eroded under his leadership.

Putin is due to leave office in 2018, and it’s doubtful the Russian people will want him involved with the government in any capacity whatsoever.

Which is good news for the rest of the world.




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