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Melissa Joan Hart’s tweet about Hurricane Maria was tone deaf, and disrespectful

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Melissa Joan Hart published an odd and somewhat detached reaction to Hurricane Maria making devastating landfall in Puerto Rico.

Hurriance Maria is a cataclysm, not an extinction level event, but one of the most beautiful islands in the world will never be the same.

People are dying, the entire island is without power, it will take years before the country will fully recover, this storm’s impact will last for generations.

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As disaster struck, and lives were destroyed, Melissa Joan Hart was much more concerned that the event would result in her vacation being canceled.

Maria struck one of the islands Joan Hart was planning to visit.

Despite the human tragedy at hand, Joan Hart was super focused on her irrelevant family vacation.

So much so, that she totally punted on social grace, and expressed her ludicrious sentiments to millions of people.

Is Joan Hart truly that tone deaf?

Joan Hart is currently being roasted by the internet, and with very good reason.

Nobody cares about your vacation Melissa, not while lives are being damaged beyond repair



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