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N. Korea’s missile test proves that US military intervention is the only option

North Korea launched a medium range ballistic missile into the sea of Japan late last night.

The Musudan Missile traveled roughly 500 kilometers before crashing into the water.

Aside from the incredible damage done to the living ego system in the sea of Japan, the missile was not destructive in nature.

It was in fact academic, this was about science, not war.

Not yet.

Since Kim Jong Un assumed power in 2011, the North Korean’s commitment to the advancement of the nation’s nuclear program has been impressive, in five short years they made more progress than the previous fifty.

They have starved their population to do it, but the program is clicking none the less.

North Korean highest priority is military parity with the United States of America, they seek ICBM capability because they believe it will level the playing field, and protect the supreme leader from possible military intervention.

That delusional, but a goal they are attempting to attain, even if North Korean citizens die by the thousands in that pursuit.

The devotion to Kim Jong Un goes beyond politics, or reason, the country lives and dies by his command.

Kim Jong Un treatment of his people is evil, and twisted.

He collects 80% of the public’s income, he rations electricity to homes twice a week, he executes innocent people at the drop of a hat, and he currently administrates death camps where political dissidents and anyone else that won’t kiss the ring go to die.

Merely being related to a person that is accused of crimes against the state is grounds to be sent to a death camp.

The conditions in camp are deplorable, and the world has been ignoring it.

Ring a bell?

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In case of serious violations of camp rules, the prisoners are subject to a process of investigation, which produced human rights violations, such as reduced meals, torture, beating and sexual harassment. In addition, there is a detention center.  many prisoners die in detention and even more leave the detention building crippled. 

Ahn and Kwon reported about the following torture methods used in Haengyong-ri:

Water torture: The prisoner must stand on his or her toes in a tank filled with water to his nose for 24 hours.

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Hanging torture: The prisoner is stripped and hung upside down from the ceiling to be violently beaten.

Box-room-torture: The prisoner is detained in a very small solitary cell, in which there is barely enough room to sit, but not stand or lie, for three days or a week.

Kneeling-torture: The prisoner must kneel down with a wooden bar inserted near his or her knee hollows to stop blood circulation. After a week, the prisoner cannot walk and may likely die some months later.
Pigeon torture: The prisoner is tied to the wall with both hands at a height of 60 cm (2.0 ft) and must crouch for many hours.

Prisoners are beaten every day if, for example, they do not bow quickly or deeply enough before the guards, if they do not work hard enough, or do not obey quickly enough. It is a frequent practice for guards to use prisoners as martial arts targets. Rape and sexual violence are very common in the camp, as female prisoners know they may be easily killed if they resist the demands of the security officers

Ahn reported about hundreds of prisoners each year being taken away for several “major construction projects”, such as secret tunnels, military bases or nuclear facilities in remote areas. None of these prisoners ever returned to the camp”

We are talking about crimes against humanity, North Korea has become a cess pool of evil, and cowardice.

The supreme leader murders his own people on a daily basis, and hides behind some facile spiritual appointment as the protector of the Korean people.

The supreme leader wishes to instigate a war with the most powerful military in history, and he has been testing the type of technology that will allow him to inflict serious damage on civilian populations in the near future.

Perhaps not San Francisco, but Seoul, Tokyo, Hawaii, North Korea does not have to strike domestically to harm America.

North Korea is a clear and present danger to the US and its allies, and time is running out to do something about it.

Kim Jong Un is running out of diplomatic options after testing 25 weapons of mass destruction in 2016 including two nuclear devices.

The world is fed up with this growing menace.

Some have called Kim Jong Un the most dangerous man on the planet

Last night’s escapade was slightly political, the North Koreans are well aware that Japanese Prime minster is visiting with President Trump, and just yesterday Trump reaffirmed America’s commitment to stand by Japan.

The North Koreans have zero incentives in place to deter them from future aggressive action, Barack Obama and George W Bush did not have the stomach to extinguish the North Korean threat, or deal with the inevitable Chinese fall out.

But if we have learned anything over the last year, we know President Trump is an odd duck.

He also is an opportunist, and going after North Korea could define his Presidency.

Which brings us to present day.

North Korea is unofficially protected by China, the two nations have been inextricably linked since the Korean War when they fought on the same side.

China is responsible for 90% of the imported goods that North enjoys, and that includes weapons, because most of the North Korean’s weapon technology is Soviet era, and strongly resembles the Chinese deterrent.

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China sees Kim Jong Un as an idiot, but a useful idiot who can keep the United States occupied, and provide a crucial tactical buffer between the western world, and the Chinese people.

China has no issue cooperating with the US and others when it comes to sanctioning North Korea, but they don’t actually implement it.

China has the power to literally pull the plug on this entire situation, but they refuse to do that.

They would rather deflect blame to the United States, while also keeping the North Korean economy solvent.

The end result is a rogue nation that is encouraged to commit acts of international disobedience because they truly believe they are untouchable.

North Korea knows darn well that China would intervene if the situation escalated, so in the end, all these missile test are false bravado, they don’t actually have an intention of waging war against civilian populations.

Not unless they want Pyongyang turned into a parking lot.

The South Koreans on the other hand have been living with a gun to their head for over 60 years because the Korean war ended in a cease fire.

There was not a resolution, the nations are technically still at war with one another.

The North and South Korean borders are often referred too as the DMZ, and entry point remains the most militarized border on the planet.

President Trump has a decision to make.

North Korea is going to continue to cause geopolitical strife, and China has no plans of slowing them down, or stepping in.

If North Korea were to bomb Japan tomorrow, the civilized world would be furious with the North, but cooler heads would blame China, because China allowed the country to progress to the point that such an attack was possible.

China is also not crazy about the impending installation of Thaad in South Korea, they see the anti missile system as a direct threat to their security.

Which is partially true, because the advanced system will neutralize the North Koreans over night, and also keep China in check.

China being upset about it is curious, because it’s South Korea that’s in mortal danger every single day, not China, but China seem feels the need to intimidate South Korea over the issue.

After last night’s test, the White House needs to accept the facts of life.

1. China has an alternative motive as far as North Korea is concerned, The Chinese see the North as an ally against the United States.

2. China supplies North Korea with food, weapons, and intelligence

3. North Korea will keep on testing nuclear devices, and weapons of mass destruction until they are stopped

4. South Korea is in danger, and so are the 75,000  US troops stationed in Seoul

5.  Japan is in danger, as are all the US forces, business, and citizens in Tokyo.

6. UN Sanctions won’t make a difference, they never have. 

The United States should consider using military force against the North Koreans.

Kim Jong Un has no intention of giving up his arsenal, no matter how much money or aid is offered.

His goal is not financial, he wants his tiny country to be a player on the world stage, and facilitating a healthy collection of nuclear weapons is a surefire way to do that.

Kim Jong Un is incorrigible, and China is ambivalent, so the time to launch an all out assault might be now.

Not right now, but American military planners have had a plan in place for years, and they are running out of excuses not to execute it.

Our track record suggest that we should have gone after the North a long time ago.

From Wiki

We went into Iraq twice, and at no point was Saddam Hussein testing nuclear weapons.

He was killing his own people, and poking Saudi Arabia, but he wasn’t testing weapons of mass destruction despite what George Bush’s government told the American public at the time.

We invaded Grenada in the early 80’s, and while it was an important operation, Grenada did not represent a threat to global security.

We went into Vietnam to “contain the spread of communism”,  and I don’t remember the Vietnamese testing nuclear weapons, and threatening to bomb the white house.

US military intervention has not always been credible, but that’s not the case here.

If there ever was a need to take down a hostile foreign power, North Korea is it.

And who cares what China thinks!

They have allowed this happen and they don’t have the power to stop us.

For all the progress China has made as a nation, and an economy, they simply would be overmatched by US forces.

All the talk, and fake toughness in the South China sea would disappear in the face of a motivated United States.

The US is also a golden goose to China in terms of trade, no way they are going to upset the apple cart for a lunatic like Kim Jong Un.

China’s best bet would be to join us, or be quiet.

Russia wants nothing to do with a Trump led US government, not a fight they would be willing to join.

Now there is concern about what an invasion of North Korea would mean, what would be the fallout?

There is the possible refugee crises, because many believe North Koreans will pour into China at the first sight of American war planes, but China could block the border, everyone could cooperate to shut that possibility down.

The other problem for China is the rise of a unified Korean peninsula controlled by the western minded south, which would be great for the world, but terrifying for China.

US troops could legally drives tanks to the Chinese border.

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There is also the economic impact.

The South Koreans make money, they create industry, they send their workers all over the planet, the country is stunning economic miracle, a thriving center of development and education.

Among the most advanced nations on the planet, and a peaceful unification would automatically make Korea among the more powerful countries in the world. .

North Korea is loaded with precious metals and minerals, the landscape is practically untapped, such land would be the source of incredible wealth for whichever country gains control over it.

Despite the drawbacks, cutting the head off the Kim Jong Un regime is now a needed to bring order to Northeast Asia.

The world has attempted to negotiate with North Korea, and all we have gotten in return is extravagant threats, and missiles being launched recklessly.

Kimg Jong Un is a danger to his own people, to the citizens of neighboring countries, and  American national security.

He also has been destroying the enviorment with his ridiculous military adventures.

The time has come to put him down.

Trump ran on a toughman ticket, he rode that persona to the White House.

So the question now becomes.

Are you a really tough President Mr. Trump?

Are you willing to confront evil that the world can see as oppose to targeting innocent refugees?




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