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North Korea accidently destroyed one of it’s own cities with a missile

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The rogue North Korean reigme potentially murdered thousands of it’s own people after a missile launch failed, and crashed into a North Korean city back in April.

The city of Tokchon was leveled by a missile according to a detailed report in The Diplomat.

Photos show “sustained damage”.

“That initial minute of boosted flight propelled the missile 39 kilometers into Tokchon, a town of about 200,000 people in North Korea’s interior, according to Panda and Schmerler’s investigation.

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Satellite imagery scanned by the authors shows damage to industrial or agricultural buildings nearby a residential area. The Hwasong-12, with unburned liquid fuel, could still cause a massive explosion even without any kind of warhead at all”

The terrifying event underscores how dangerous North Korea’s behavior is, Kim Jong Un’s government has repeatedly launched missiles over Japan in a show of strength, this disaster could have struck Japan very easily.

The North Koreans are not only a danger to the rest of the world, they are also a danger to themselves, and at some point the global community will have to respond with more than spineless sanctions.

The North Koreans are operating reality changing technology, and it seems now that nobody is safe, including residents of the country.



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