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North Korea provacates Trump, attempts to launch missile

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North Korea has attempted to launch a missile but failed in that effort US and South Korean officials reported about an hour ago.

Because the weapon never really took flight, there is some confusion about what exactly the North Koreans were attempting to test, but signs are pointing towards a ballistic missile of some sort.

Defense officials do not believe the missile was an ICBM.

This can be interpreted one of two ways.

Kim Jong Un actually attempted to conduct a missile test, even in the face of Chinese disagreement, and the US military.

Even with his country facing total destruction.


This test was rigged, the North Koreans wanted to walk right up to the line, but not cross it, the intent of the exercise is to upset President Trump.

More details of this story will emerge in the coming hours, and it’s not out of the question for the North Koreans to fire more missiles in the next few days  if this test truly failed.

A genuine failure is an absolute humiliation to Kim Jong In, on a day that was supposed to demonstrate North Korean military might, the North Koreans look like a rogue nation without the technological capability to achieve it’s ambitions.

This showdown has reached a critical point, the American government may decide that even a failed missile test is tantamount to an act of war, after all, Japanese ships are in the sea of Japan where most of these missiles are launched.

There is no doubt Trump will take this as an insult.

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There is danger is not responding, but there is also danger in overreacting.

A very thorny situation in North Korea right now.

Tastie Fish will update this story as it develops



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