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North Korea should pay very close attention to what happened in Syria

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The rejuvenated US military, and the fired up American President, have made a second move within 72 hours of sending a powerful message to Russia and Syria.

A US carrier, and several corresponding ships have set a course for the Korean peninsula.

North Korea has been misbehaving for decades, but the insolence has approached new territory in recent years.

Barack Obama preached strategic patience, Obama wanted to rely on economic santions, and mock B2 bomber runs to deter the Kim Jong UN.

George W. Bush took the same approach, he did not want to get involved in the hostile ceasefire between North and South Korea.

North Korea has run unchecked for years, they have developed and tested weapons of mass destruction, promoting the effort through state run television and other grandiose forms of communication.

The North Korea nuclear deterrent is growing, becoming more threatening by the day, UN Sanctions have done Bupkis to slow down the North Koreans.

Trump is fresh off a sensational political victory in Syria, he stared down the Russians and Bashar al-Assad, walking away with a much needed victory as President of the United States.

Trump could really elevate his profile if he goes after North Korea.

The President has already proven he could care less about Vladimir Putin, why would he fear any potential reaction from President Xi?

Syria was a super aggressive move, and it was intended to send a message.

North Korea would be well served to come back to the table, because Trump has no problem lighting a fire under the Kim Jong Un led regime.

North Korea has been in a state of panic over the last 5 days or so.

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They have poked the American bear for years, and caused unbelievable amounts of trouble.

They have gone unchecked, they have convinced themselves there is no blowback in the offing.

They have tugged on Superman’s cape for so long, that they have begun to believe they stand a chance in the event of a war.

Trump changed the game on Thursday night, and you didn’t hear a peep from North Korea when it all went down.

That was not an accident, this shook everyone up.

Next thing they know, American is sending high class warships towards Korea, and they will be focused on the northern part of the island.

There is much more risk for the US in attacking North Korea than there was last week in Syria.

North Korea is in possession of nuclear weapons, they have serious conventional capabilities, about 75 or so subs lurking off the coast, and most importantly, they have mobile missile launchers, that could easily strike Seoul South Korea at a moments notice.

South Korea is home to millions of Koreans, and about 75,000 US service members.

The North Koreans could also hit Japan, the potential casualties are considerable.

But what should the world community do about North Korea?

Three American Presidents have attempted to work with Pyongyang, and all that resulted is a rapidly developing nuclear program, and increasingly aggressive behavior.

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In way the situation is similar to Syria politically.

The North Koreans are being propped up and protected by the Chinese, the same way Assad is being propped up and protected by Vladimir Putin.

Putin believed that President Trump would not dare risk war with Russia and attack Syria.

He was wrong, Trump embarrassed Putin into silent submission.

China is now in the same situation, and they might not want to call Donald Trump’s bluff.

President Xi is not fan of North Korea, but he is not in a huge rush to remove a buffer zone that keeps the United States unconnected to the Chinese mainland, not to mention, the President does not need the refugee crisis that would ensue when North Korea falls.

The Chinese position is practical, they want to see a diplomatic solution, not war, but North Korea is making that very difficult.

This has angered Chinese leadership, which is why they banned imports of coal from the North Korea mainland.

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The problem is the Chinese have run out of time, the window that they had to deal with the North Korea problem has since come and gone.

North Korea is launching missiles at Japan, making extravagant threats, and testing weapons of mass destruction on a monthly basis.

Unlike Iraq, there is no question the North Korean government is in possession of nuclear weapons.

So what now?

President Trump has realized that he can make powerful statements with his military, and the meeting with President Xi last week did not yield the type of gains the pomp and circumstance of the summit suggested.

China is holding steadfast, and that’s not going to change.

So again, Trump is seeing his bluff called, and it’s doubtful he is going to put up with much more from the North Koreans.

Unlike Syria, North Korean citizens do not have the benefit of having the atrocities committed against them broadcast to the planet.

North Korea employs concentration camps, pits of despair when people go to die, and they often are as innocent as you and I.

Kim Jong Un is a murderer, and time is running out to keep him under control.

If he were to attack South Korea tomorrow, millions would die on the first day, and once China became involved that number would go up.

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President Trump is likely considering going after North Korea before that ever takes place, he already has said he has no issue going it alone if China does not play ball.

The airstrikes in Syria were a terrifying sight for North Korea, they realize this American President is wild enough to attack them at any time.



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