Obama’s sanctions against Russia fail to truly punish Vladimir Putin for election hacking

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The United States of America punished the  Russian Federation Thursday for nation’s involvement in the cyber attacks that clearly influenced the US election last month.

The attacks came in form of Wikileaks, there can be no doubt Russia was the source.

The brazen and aggressive nature of the crime demanded that the President of the United States act.

This was an attack not only on our electoral process, but democracy, the philosophy that makes this country great.

Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted to sew seeds of doubt within the general US population, he wanted us to question the idea of the American system, while also installing a President that will be more conducive to his megalomaniac tendencies.

Putin is an opportunist, and he commissioned these crimes because he feels he has the political advantage in light of a lame duck American President.

But in that respect, Putin is myopic.

He routinely makes rash, ill-advised decisions, and his wagers usually come at the expense of the Russian people.

Vladimir Putin wrote a controversial check, and now the United States needs to make sure he cashes it.

He has an inflated view of himself, and Russian influence across the world.

Putin seeks to rebuild a Soviet Empire that is never coming back, and the first step in doing that, is undermining  the United States.

But Putin has thrown stones from a glass house.

Russia is folding like a lawn chair, the economy, the atmosphere on the ground, the price of consumer goods, the country is a train wreck at various levels of society, and because Putin is not an efficient public administrator, the country will continue to struggle.

From Wikimedia Commons
From Wikimedia Commons

So the sanctions announced by Obama today while appreciated, came off as pretty soft if you consider all the information, and the incredible damage the Russians did to the concept of a free union.

From CNN

The administration described Russia’s involvement as “Significant Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities” and sanctioned four Russian individuals and five Russian entities for what it said was election interference. The administration also ordered 35 Russian diplomats to leave the country and two Russian compounds are being closed.

Obama also said in the statement announcing that the diplomats have been ordered to leave the country, that those individuals and their families were given 72 hours to leave the United States.

“These actions follow repeated private and public warnings that we have issued to the Russian government, and are a necessary and appropriate response to efforts to harm US interests in violation of established international norms of behavior,” Obama said in the statement.

President Obama has mishandled this situation from the start.

The second it became clear that a hostile foreign power was disrupting our political process, Russia should have been made to pay on the spot.

There should not have been a delay, internal discussion within the White House should have lasted for about a week tops.

Because the attacks were aimed at Hillary Clinton, Obama feared being preceived to influence the election, he allowed party politics to get in the way of the justice, and the greater good.

The fact is, the Russians spit in our face, and laughed while they did it.

These sanctions are months after the fact, and they are not stringent in nature.

Not really.

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Where is the punishment?

How will this really affect Vladimir Putin, and his inner circle?

How will the people responsible for this act of war be made to understand their actions?

The truth is, these sanctions are weak, they are a virtual pass for conducting an intentional attack against the United States of America.

This is not about hearts and minds, this is a time in which the most powerful country in the world needed to flex it’s muscles, and refused to do so out of fear.

This is not the America JFK or Ronald Reagan imagined, a country that would tolerate a direct attack on it’s infastructure for months, and respond in such weak fashion.

We need to hit the Russians where it hurts, the country is burning through it’s reserves, without US Sanctions they will be broke by the 2019.

Because President Elect Donald Trump appears to be a Russian ally, the burden falls upon Congress to spank the Russian Federation financially, and it would not be a bad idea to cease all commercial trade with Russia until this sorted out.

If there ever was a country deserving of a US Embargo, it’s the Russian Federation.

The Russians sandbagged us, they humiliated us, and they rode off into the sunset without a scratch.

We have to hit back.

From Wikimedia Commons

We must hit back.

Vladimir Putin can ill afford for the US to turn the heat up, the time has come for him to remember that.



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