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Paul Manafort surrenders to the FBI, faces 12 charges including conspiracy

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In one of the biggest news headlines in years, former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort has been arrested by the FBI, and is currently in custody awaiting processing.

Manfort will face 12 charge indictment along with his former business associate Rick Gates.

The indictment is a shocking blow to the campaign of confusion the White House has employed in the time Robert Mueller assumed the lead on the investigation.

The charge that will stick out to many is “conspiracy against the United States”, that charge alone carries life imprisonment.

At 68 years old, Paul Manafort will most likely spend the rest of his life in federal prison.

The indictment is prolific, Mueller’s probe has found enough proable cause to throw the book at Manafort.

Some people believe that Mueller taking people into custody so quickly is part of a larger effort to force cooperation.

Try telling that to Paul Manafort, who is going to spend an extensive amount of time in jail no matter what songs he sings.

Today’s development is a shot across the bow of the White House, the start of an electrifying chain of events that could eventually terminate the Trump Presidency.

The White House told reporters this morning that “the charges have nothing to do with the White House”.

Come on now, they have everything to do with the White House, and it should be noted that Andrew Gates visited the White House several times this year.

This morning’s arrests had two goals.

  1. Get two traitors off the street
  2. Get these traitors to flip on other traitors

There is no spin here, no embellishment, a high ranking member of the Trump campaign just went down for charges that are tantamount to treason.

That’s it, thats the story, and you best believe the other subjects of this investigation are shaking in their boots, because when Manafort flips, this party will really get started.


We now have a third individual wo has been scooped up by Robert Mueller’s dragnet.

Trump campaign aide  George Papadopoulos has pleaded guilty to the charge of lying to the FBI.

This plea confirms ongoing contact between the Trump campaign, and agents of the Russian Federation.

This plea confirms that an individual associated with the Trump campaign has flipped on the White House, he would not be allowed to make such a plea without assurances.

From Twitter

Mr. Papadopoulos knew ahead of time lying to the FBI is a federal crime, and did so anyway.

Odds are he was facing worse charges, and folded his tent.

Any attempts by Trump to deflect these indictments went out the door when  George Papadopoulos pled guility.

George Papadopoulos was a vital cog in the Trump campaign, and don’t bother telling us Trump didn’t know who he was.



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