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Please don’t allow the empty bluster of North Korea and Trump to ruin your day

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President Trump has set the internet on fire with the extravagant threat he issued to Kim Jong Un, and North Korea in wake of the Stalinist regime launching ballistic missiles at an unprecedented rate.

North Korea has made advances, the weaponry they are testing is dangerous in theory, but they have not shown the ability to apply it to the degree they claim.

North Korea is bound and determined to scare the international community into surrendering a lucrative financial package that can make them a player on the world scene.

The North Koreans don’t want to fight, they just want respect and food,  even though they have done nothing to earn it.

The North Koreans are running out of options, short of a stunning diplomatic breakthrough, or a massive about face, North Korea is running out of avenues.

There is no reason to encourage North Korea’s fiendish behavior, it’s a problem that needs to be addressed, but not in a provocative way.

Trump is suffering through historically bad approval ratings, the President is engaging in desperate measures to keep his head above water, and energize his dwindling base of supporters.

First he banned transgenders from the military, and then today he did this.

How does this advance the situation in North East Asia?

Trump, and most of the western world has the right to be upset with North Korea, the nation has deployed terrifying war mongering for the better part of 30 years, there is plenty of people that want to snuff the entire country out like a match light.

But getting down in the mud with them, and threatening nuclear war is over the top.

North Korea could wiped off the face of the planet with conventional warfare, there is no reason to use tactical nuclear weapons that would vaporize millions of people.

Like I mentioned before, North Korea does not want to fight, the Supreme leader enjoys his life, his cars, his food, his imported toys, no way in the world he wants his entire utopia burned to the ground.

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No, he wants security, he wants access to the global market, international commerce, these fear tactics are bluster, as is Trump’s ridiculous statement on the situation.

Both of the men causing allthis drama are keyboard warriors, they would be afraid to enter a dark alley with a baseball bat.

Cowards make threats from a distance, it’s easy to hide behind your computer, it’s difficult to solve the problem first hand, to seek a resolution.

If North Korea wanted to fight, they could have launched an all out assault on South Korea, or Japan, they would not have to fly an ICBM to Chicago to hurt America.

They know this, and the reason they have not done it is because the country will cease to exist shortly after they attack.

North Korea is still developing nuclear technology, they don’t have battle tested hardware, just a series of field tests that have all been somewhat inconclusive.

That won’t be good enough against the American military machine.

Anyone that fears war, please don’t, North Korea is living in a glass house, it’s unlikely they want to be hit with 50 million bricks.

Trump meanwhile cannot be allowed to run amuck because he fears Quinnipiac polling or Mueller’s grand jury.

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This threat was not representative of the American way, then again, hardly anything the President does conforms to what we would expect from our elected leader.

Please don’t let all this chaos ruin your day, neither side wants a global conflict, and North Korea will become a parking lot if they cross the line.




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