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Police have finally charged a group of suspects in the Kim Kardashian robbery

From Wikimedia Commons

Law enforcement authorities have finally charged a suspect in the Kim Khardashian robbery.

They police have reportedly arrested 17 people since the incident, but we now are finally seeing charges brought against those responsible.

But who exactly is responsible?

That much has not been made very clear

From TMZ

French authorities pressed charges against 4 men Thursday in connection to the case … one being a 63-year-old man ID’d only as Yunice A.

Yunice is reportedly facing charges of armed robbery in an organized gang, kidnapping and criminal association.

Cops have also requested he stay locked up in their custody for the time being. The others are facing complicity charges.

From Wikimedia Commons

For those that don’t remember, Kardashian was the victim of a home invasion, she was held at gun point, ¬†kidnapped, stuffed into a bathroom and robbed of priceless jewlery and other personal possessions.

The ordeal was terrifying, and many were content that she had escaped with her life.

Now the men are responsible are being brought to justice, and not a moment to soon.

But there is so many unanswered questions.

  1. Why were 17 people arrested?
  2. What evidence led authorities to charge these 4 men
  3. Does Kim have any connection to these men?
  4. One of the suspects was 64?! What was his role?
  5. How are the cops so sure they have the right group of men if they have arrested almost 20?

Lets hope some of these questions are answered as the case moves forward.



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