President Trump firing James Comey is a page out of the Nixon playbook

President Donald Trump has fired FBI director James Comey 24 hours after testimony from former deputy attorney general Sally Yates, and former NSA director James Clapper further created the appearance that his administration had cooperated with the Russians during the American election.

Comey was given little notice, he found out about it watching TV sources have told CNN.

President Trump, and his associates at the Justice Department, have concluded that because James Comey opted not to file charges against Hillary Clinton over her email server, he was no longer qualified to lead the FBI.

The problem for President Trump, is nobody is buying that, nobody truly believes that because Comey would not indict a political opponent of Trump’s he is no longer fit to run the FBI.

President Trump had already stated he had no intention of going after Hillary Clinton, so why is this an issue now?.

It also does not help matters that James Comey was set to testify in a closed door session with Congressional investigators tomorrow.

The decision is similar to the Saturday Night Massacre, when than President Richard Nixon fired Archibald Cox, the special prosecutor appointed to investigate Watergate.

The move  would also result in the  Deputy Attorney general William Ruckelshaus, and Attorney General Elliot Richardson resigning from their posts.

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This decision seems tied to the  counterintelligence investigation into the President, and his team, an investigation that was starting to heat up, and bear fruit.

The firing of James Comey is a shocking abuse of power by the President of the United States, and it’s not the first time.

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Sally Yates was fired after pressing the Trump administration over Russia related issues, specifically Michael Flynn, and his communications with a Russian diplomat.

The firing of Comey however is bombshell material, the very man who is leading the investigation into whether or not the President is guilty of treason is fired for reasons that nobody can really figure out.

The timing is bone chilling, and not an accident.

The behavior of Jeff Sessions is really questionable, he recused himself from any involvement in the investigation into Russia, and then he makes this random request that the lead investigator be fired for a transgression he committed in July?

Sessions is also a suspect in the investigation, that cannot be ignored.

The President is taking a tremendous risk with this move, the argument can now be made that he is abusing the powers of his office, that he is using his executive authority to blunt an investigation that could see his administration ushered out of the White House.

On some level, Trump, and AG Jeff Sessions most likely see this as some type of victory, they now believe they can replace Comey with an FBI director that is friendly to the Trump administration, a director that may very well drop the investigation into Russian meddling, and the potential cooperation between the Trump administration and the Kremlin.

This move helps two parties.

President Trump and his associates as well as Vladimir Putin, and the Russian Federation.

This move did not help America, or the pursuit of justice, this decision helped the men who are under scrutiny for potentially breaking the law.

This move also implies desperation, especially since Trump praised Comey for going after Hillary Clinton just before the election.

President Trump citing a shady excuse to fire the Director of the FBI smacks of a person who is running out of options, and ideas.


Trump may be able to fire James Comey, but he won’t be able to deter congressional committees from investigating him, and his entire team.

He won’t be able to prevent the appointment of a special prosecutor, an appointment that both sides of the aisle are going to scream for after tonight.

Oh, that silence you hear is Senate Republicans heading for the hills, they want no part of this decision because it implies guilt on the part of the Trump administration.

It’s almost impossible to defend or rationalize this move, and the GOP knows it.

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The counter intelligence probe that was spearheaded by Comey, and other intelligence community players will carry on, and will do so with some anger afoot, there is no way in the world the law enforcement community is going to allow the President to behave like a dictator, he will have to answer for this decision, and anything else that investigators have uncovered.

The firing of James Comey was not about Hillary Clinton, it was about a law enforcement body that was preparing to take down the President, and his associates.

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But in making this move, the President has created even more suspicion that something is really wrong here, and there is Senators, and FBI agents, that are stewing tonight, individuals that have the power to challenge the Oval Office directly.

President Trump would be well served to start acting like a man who has nothing to hide.



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