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President Trump should spare America the spectacle, and resign from office

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The walls are closing in around the President of the United States.

Law enforcement, the media, and Congress have turned the heat up.

Donald Trump’s short tenure as the leader of the free world has been the most electrifying political theater this country has ever seen.

It’s not one scandal, it’s five hundred scandals seemingly all at once, and his obsession with addressing his constituents on Twitter in the most destructive of ways only exacerbates an already doomed Presidency.

Never before, has an office held in such high regard been treated with such negligence, no President in history has been more proactive about defying the Constitution as the man currently sitting in the White House.

Trump has attacked seemingly every cornerstone of society that does not show fealty to his polarizing political agenda, Trump attempts to run Washington DC  in the manner he ran the Trump organization, and the blowback has shaken his Presidency to it’s core.

President Trump is an incipient political animal, the comparisons to Richard Nixon are becoming less and less accurate with every leak that hits the newswire.

Nixon violated domestic election laws, and perjury if you wish to engage in semantics.

Nixon also was the master of the back channel, perhaps one of the most talented diplomats the Oval Office has ever seen.

Yes, he conducted off the record discussions, but at no point was he tentatively in business with a hostile foreign government, or was he asking the Russians to infiltrate our political system, I don’t remember Dick providing political cover for autocrats on a daily basis.

Trump’s behavior at the NATO summit, his treatment of our allies, that would never have happened under Richard Nixon.

Despite Watergate, Nixon managed to accomplish the following objectives before he was booted out of office.

  1. He started the EPA
  2. He spearheaded federal protection for Native Americans, and the land they live on.
  3. Started an $100 million dollar war on cancer which adjusted to inflation is impressive.
  4. Signed the Title Nine legislation, which opened the door for women to play college sports
  5. Desegregated southern schools
  6. Lowered the voting age from 21 to 18
  7. Put the mob out of business to the tune of 2500 convictions

Nixon was essentially impeached, but he did some good with the time he had.

He inherited the Vietnam War, and the public outrage that accompanied it, but to blame him for that war is revisionist history.

Even though Nixon would depart office as a disgraced politician, in the end he was able to preserve some dignity by sparring America the humiliation of him testifying in a public hearing, and being forcibly removed from the office.

Nixon could have fought the proceedings for months, years, he could have forced the special prosecutor to indict him, he could have stone walled that investigation and handcuffed himself to the doors of the White House.

As bad as Watergate was for the country, it never really percolated because Nixon waved the white flag, and jumped on a helicopter out of Washington DC.

It was a merciful final act, the best decision Nixon made after a losing streak of bad decisions.

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Nixon’s sacrifice should serve as an example to the current President of the United States.

Donald Trump has passed the point of no return, and the machinations of his top aides are accelerating a potential forced exit from the White House.

The firing of Sally Yates, the apathy towards Michael Flynn’s criminal behavior,  the firing of FBI director James Comey, the omission to NBC that he fired Comey because this “Russia stuff is a fake story”, admitting to Russian officials in the Oval Office that he fired Comey in large part because of the criminal probe into his administration.

Those developments demonstrated  a pattern of obstructing justice, there is no other way to spin it.

All of this was but a precursor to the event that sent the White House to Defcon 3, an event that confirmed this controversy has indeed penetrated the President’s inner circle.

The revelation that Jared Kushner is considered a key witness by the FBI, in regards to the expanding criminal and counter intelligence investigation into Russian meddling in the American election, as well as potential collusion between the Kremlin, and the Trump administration.

The White House has attempted to shield Kushner from the media onslaught after he was unmasked as a significant person of interest, and then 24 hours later it was reported that Kushner attempted to set up a “secret back channel with Russian officials”.

A back channel that would run through the Russian embassy.

The excuse for such behavior has been nothing short of horrific, right wing media outlets are blaming political inexperience, “naivety” as they call it.

That’s not going to pass the smell test with Robert Mueller, or the FBI, Kushner is going under the microscope, and will be motivated by investigators to turn states evidence.

They will want to know everything he does, and he could be charged with obstruction of justice if he fails to cooperate.

He also will likely have his security clearance revoked no matter what happens.

Either he is an idiot, or he is irresponsible, either way he should not be afforded the ability influence key policy decisions, nor should he have access to classified intelligence, not if he is attempting to set up a red phone with the Russians in a location that American authorities cannot access the communications.

This is backbreaking moment for the President, his most trusted senior aide is radioactive, and that aide just so happens to be married to his daughter Ivanka.

Jared and Ivanka have headed for the hills, instead of holding a press conference, and laying it out for the American people, they are hiding, terrified of accountability.

Trump has other concerns.

Former National Security advisor Michael Flynn has pleaded the 5th amendment, there is indications he is cooperating with authorities, but as of now he is not cooperating with Congress.

If he is held in contempt, and is forced to testify, whatever he is hiding could be devastating to the President, especially if it’s criminal in nature.

Attorney Jeff Sessions will struggle to avoid, or survive the fallout.

His undocumented meetings with Russian officials, meetings he lied about during his confirmation hearing will come back to haunt him.

Sessions committed perjury, and it has to be spooking the Trump administration that investigators have not made a big stink about it.

Not yet.

Then there is Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, and Carter Paige.

All three men have been at the center of this investigation for different reasons, all three men no longer work for the Trump administration.

All three men have been thrown under the bus by the President or his proxies over the last 3 months.

All three men are now cooperating with Congress, and presumably federal investigators.

That is 6 potential witnesses against the President of the United States, and we don’t even know what type of cards they are holding.

Lets not forget about the revelations this morning concerning Trumps’s personal attorney Michael Cohen.

Mr. Cohen himself is under congressional investigation, and sources indicate he is not cooperating with Congress, which is a massive red flag for a man that is supposed to be an officer of the court.

That makes 7 potential witnesses, and that does not even include all of the classified intelligence, please remember the FISA warrant has given investigators extremely long arms.

They can reach into any aspect of a subject’s life, going back years and years.

The question of collusion between the Kremlin and Trump’s camp is important, but not a nessecary component for the President and his surrogates to face the music.

Because the President has unbelievable impulse control problems, he has managed to render the question of his innocence or guilt a moot point.

Even if he is innocent, his behavior is overwhelmingly guilty, his obstruction of James Comey was glaring, and illegal.

The President was allegedly very concerned about an investigation he has labeled “fake news” repeatedly.

Robert Mueller will not have to prove collusion with the Russians to indict the President on several counts of obstruction of justice.

When Elliot Ness nabbed Al Capone, many expected Capone would be indicted for bootlegging, but the government instead focused on tax evasion because they had him dead to rights, and that conviction alone would be enough to get him off the streets forever.

Collusion could be difficult to prove, obstruction of justice will be a slam dunk.

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Robert Mueller has a similar opportunity here.

When Trump says “there is no evidence of collusion”, he might be right, but he seems tone deaf to reality that he will most likely be removed from office for his behavior in the White House, not Russian meddling outside of it.

Donald Trump can spare everyone the humiliation, including himself, and step down from the Presidency.

It’s what’s best for the country at this point.




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