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President Trump’s “many sides” statement is about as disgusting as it gets

President Trump passed the buck today when news broke that racial violence was consuming the town of Charlottesville Virginia,  the President of the United State made pathetic attempt to distance himself from the political implications of this horrific event.

It was chaos, absolute terror, and  it was rooted in racism, bigotry, hate, and fear.

The President of the United States is supposed to be a role model, the example, the reason why we want to be decent to each other.

This President however behaves like a bigot, both in policy, and in manner.

The Muslim travel ban, his refusal to truly engage with the African American community, the Mexican border wall, the Transgender military ban, and this is only after 6 months.

It’s no secret that Trump is a dream President for white nationalists in this country, and Trump had no problem cashing in on that part of his base last November.

Today’s unspeakable violence is President Trump’s baby, it’s the result of hate mongering.

When confronted with the fruits of his labor, the President looked shook to the bone, he knows in his heart that it’s his supporters that have brought terror to Charlottesville.

The President’s statement on the issue was insanely weak, almost insulting, he read from a card, he didn’t speak from his heart.

Today’s violence is a tragic event, a blackmark on America, and all of the blame should fall squarely on the President’s shoulders.

He always wants credit, he tells us America is a problem only he can fix.

Jobs, deregulation, tax cuts, those are attainable goals.

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But the real trick is to unify the country, and because the President’s entire message is predicated upon hate, and elevating the white man, he will never ever be the type of President everyone can get behind.

Today is a prime example of why.

Mr. Trump also did not condemn White Supremacy, and that has been a reoccurring issue during his political career.

He has no problem bashing the media, but any time he is forced to confront the extreme wing of his base, he remains silent.

His silence on the issue is deafening.

Also, Trump attempted to distribute blame to “many sides”, that comment more than anything illustrates his approach to today’s violence and the mosque bombing in Minnesota.

That is about as offensive a statement as the President has ever made, and that’s saying quite a bit.

Congrats Mr. Trump, you have divided the country almost beyond repair, and it’s despicable that you refuse to take accountability for it.



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