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Michael Flynn to invoke the 5th, will not cooperate with Congress

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Former National Security advisor Michael Flynn will announce today that he is invoking the 5th amendment in response to the Congressional  subpoenas that were issued in his name two weeks ago.

The Senate Intelligence Committee is seeking documents, and other relevant materials as they unpack the alleged ties between the Trump administration, and Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin.

Flynn had already been interviewed by the FBI, he had been implicated in a series of potential felonies, and he had yet to respond to the official request for documentation from the same committee that will host terminated FBI director James Comey next month.

Flynn is walking a tight rope, he has several investigations breathing down his neck, investigations that are set to explode in the next month or so.

The storm around the President is swirling, and Michael Flynn is a key witness in unraveling this scandal, the FBI has been on him for months, Congress wants answers, and there is little doubt that he is guilty of criminal conduct.

The Justice Department just appointed Robert Mueller special counsel to the investigation, Mueller has every reason to come knocking on Flynn’s door.

This is not the time to be uncooperative.

But Flynn has the acted with mindset of a criminal from the beginning, accepting illicit payments, to lying about it, to conducting clandestine sweet heart phone calls with hostile foreign powers in an effort to undermine the sitting President of the United States.

Flynn has some gall in invoking the 5th amendment, his decision takes this story into Hollywood territory.

He wants immunity from prosecution in exchange for his testimony.

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That’s a pipe dream, Flynn has committed crimes against the American system, the American people, there is no free pass, and if he has information that could incriminate some of his associates, he needs to testify or go to jail.

If he has documentation, he needs to turn it over.

The FBI and the Justice Department should indict Michael Flynn for any of the slew of laws he broke, if the man is going to refuse to provide material evidence, and witness testimony, he should be arrested.

There is no reason for Michael Flynn to be on the street, especially if the larger investigation into Russian meddling is becoming more and more focused on the White House.

Invoking the 5th amendment seems to be an admission of criminal malfeasance.

More on this story as it develops.




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