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Report: The FBI has been wiretapping team Trump for close to a year

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The investigation into Russian meddling in the American election took a hair raising turn this afternoon when it was revealed that US investigators had been wiretapping former Trump campaign Chairman Paul Manafort going all the way back to the last fall.

Despite the fact that Manafort departed the campaign under mysterious circumstances, federal investigators were motivated to collect audio evidence of his daily machinations.

It has not been made clear what is on those tapes, how long the wiretaps were in place, or who was caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

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The official record however  indicates that there is some heat on those tapes.

Here is what we do know.

Paul Manafort’s door was kicked in(with a no knock warrant) before dawn this summer, we know the New York Attorney General and Special Counsel Robert Mueller are currently tag teaming Paul Manafort in an effort to get him to cooperate.

We hear the implicit statements from Congressional leaders giving the impression that what the public knows is the actually tip of iceberg.

We know Robert Mueller impaneled a grand jury in August, we know Mr. Mueller has enlisted the help of the IRS, and other investigatory factions of the federal government as he has collected evidence.

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We know Paul Manafort is on the hook for financial crimes, and almost certainly is headed to prison.

We can see the President of the United States losing his mind, fanning the flames of racial tension, publishing juvenile gifs on twitter, the Donald Trump is a mess.

We remember the emphatic denials by every member of team Trump when questioned about personal and business ties to the Russian Federation.

The denials looks foolish in retrospect, did the Trumps honestly believe the government was not paying attention?

We have seen public testimony, bombshell news reports, and an administration that tells us a different story every time we ask them for answers.

Those tapes are a terrifying proposition for the President of the United States, because it’s likely he was caught on tape at one point or another, and that danger could extend to everyone in his life.

Even worse, why would investigators just tap Manafort, he was not the only potential player in this alleged conspiracy.

There was no reason not to wiretap everyone when it was clear that the winning side of the Presidential ticket had cooperated with Russian intelligence operatives. 

Was the President aware his team was being tapped before this report?

Investigators are under zero obligation to inform the subject of a criminal investigation of anything pertaining to progress, or methods.

If Trump was aware, it makes sense of his behavior over the last few weeks.

If not, hold on, because the fear of incriminating audio is going to haunt him like Pennywise the clown, and he in turn is going to lash out.

Lets hope Robert Mueller is still standing when the dust settles.



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