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Social media rips Dan Bilzerian for his “cowardly” video of the Vegas massacre

From Twitter

Dan Bilzerian is very successful international poker player. .

He has amassed wealth, fame, and a cache of weapons that he touts via social media on a regular basis.

It goes beyond guns, the man presents himself as a rambo type figure.

Dan Bilzerian is a former navy seal trainee, who has promoted a hero type of persona via his instagram account.

So when he posted the following video, that was filmed in the midst of the Vegas massacre, many people were left puzzled by his behavior, including a medal of honor recipient who spoke for many with a powerful Instagram post aimed at Dan Bilzerian’s behavior during the mass shooting.

For Mr. Bilzerian to promote a commando type image, only to run away from the scene as people are dying is pretty weak.

There is no other way to put it, people of courage do not run in the opposite direction during an attack, and then take the time to film the rampage for a social media account.

It would be one thing of Mr. Bilzerian did not go 500 miles out of his way to advertise his courage, and his weapons, but that’s the case.

If your going to talk the talk, you need to walk the walk.



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