Sources: James Comey hopes Trump has tapes “That would be perfect”


President Trump engaged in his most memorable tweet storm to date, it could also prove to be the most damaging to his Presidency.

Within the tirade was the usual rage episode drivel, but Trump crossed several lines this morning that have taken this controversy to the next level.

President Trump threatened the former director of the FBI, and he implied that he has installed listening devices at the White House.

For those of us that don’t remember, it was precisely this action that escorted Richard Nixon out of office months into his second term.

For a man that bellyached about Barack Obama allegedly(still has not provided evidence) tapping Trump tower, it’s beyond confusing that he would insinuate that he tapped the director of the FBI.

A source close to James Comey informed NBC that such a scenario would be perfect.

Which it would be if your James Comey.

Odds are, Comey is telling the truth about the January 27th dinner, which was first reported by the New York Times, a dinner where President Trump allegedly asked for Comey’s loyalty.

From Wiki

The former FBI director declined to give it to him, instead promising to be “honest”.

Which was an appropriate response to an inappropriate question from the President.

White House spokesperson Sean Spicer denied the Times report this afternoon, claiming that Trump never asked Comey for his loyalty.

But when asked about potential listening devices at the White House, Spicer said the “President has nothing to add to that”.

Comey is right, the tapes would be perfect.

  1. They would authenticate the report in the Times
  2. They would prove President Trump had committed the same crime that Nixon did
  3. They would vindicate James Comey
  4. They would force the President to be accountable, which has yet to happen.

Now this is the part where the President needs to produce these tapes, or explain why he implied having them.






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