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Steven Seagal under tremendous heat after his interview with ITV

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B movie hall of famer Steven Seagal conducted a controversial interview with the British Network ITV yesterday that has sparked outrage all over the planet.

Steven Seagal(a career law enforcement officer) took NFL players and the NFL to task after a massive amount of NFL players disregarded the national anthem this past Sunday.

They did so in reaction to President Trump’s explosive speech to a crowd in Alabama Friday night.

It’s interesting to note that Seagal has little to zero anger towards the President of the United States, or the system that instigated these protests.

Seagal also gave this interview with the Kremlin strategically hovering in the backround.

Seagal has been a Russian citizen since 2016, his bromance with Vladimir Putin has been well documented.

So it’s difficult to listen to this particular man sit on a soap box, and lecture peaceful American protesters on the virtues of patriotism.

American patriots don’t actively seek citizenship in a country that has silently been at war with the United States for the last 60 years.

Vladimir Putin and his intelligence services meddled in the American election, which in effect amounted to an attempt on our democracy.

Does Mr. Seagal have a problem with that?

Does he take issue with Vladimir Putin buzzing US warplanes, flying bombers over North Korea, or attacking innocent Syrians?

Does Steven Segal take issue with Putin’s human rights record?

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This interview is disgrace, as offensive a reaction to this weekend as we have seen thus far, and it’s amplified because he is denigrating African Americans in the shadow of those that wish to politically destroy America.

For better, or for worse, there is two “sides” to this argument, but that does not mean we should be subjected to a weasel like Steven Segal.

Steven Seagal’s career tanked after one(Under Siege) hot movie, he was the next Bruce Willis, and then he wasn’t.

He made laughable straight to DVD films, and burned out.

We are not talking about an accomplished actor, let alone a beacon of civility and reason.

Steven Seagal also touched upon something else that has blood boiling.

He used the term “Obamaites”, generalizing all tolerant Americans as democrats, which is the biggest load of hogwash ever.

THEN the former B movie star referred to Mueller’s investigation as an attempt to overthrow Trump.

A criminal investigation with a truckload of evidence is somehow a coup.

Seagal implies that we should allow the executive brand of the government to run amuck, and destroy the pillars this country is built on.

This interview, his opinion on America, smells like Vladimir Putin, it’s now clear why Putin was super excited to bestow citizenship upon Seagal.

So he could use him as a political tool, and interviews like this are an example.

Seagal’s interview highlights how important Robert Mueller’s investigation is historically, and how much is riding on the results of the inquiry.

Mueller has Vladimir Putin, and Donald Trump nervous.

That’s why we are hearing all of this noise, that’s why the President all of sudden is attempting to normalize bigtory, and employing his friends in eastern Europe to take up the charge.

These despicable attempts to mainstream racism will continue to divide and confuse all of us, but they will not break us.

America will win, it always works out.

Steven Seagal will eventually have to be accountable for this interview if he ever hopes to work in Hollywood again.



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