Sweden calls out Fox News for interviewing “national security advisor” Nils Bildt

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Television commentator Bill O’Reilly of Fox News recently interviewed a man who presented himself as a “former national security advisor” to Sweden.

In wake of a poorly done report by Fox News, and President Trump’s inaccurate remarks about immigration issues in the country, Sweden has been thrust into the international spotlight for seemingly no reason at all.

Since the incident, there has been back and forth of sorts, betweenTrump surrogates attempting to make sense of Trump’s gaffe, and the Swedish public, who finds the entire story to be absolutely ridiculous.

So along comes Bill O’Rielly, who invited a man named Nils Bildt to his show the O’Rielly factor, and presented him as a credible source on internal Swedish matters to the American people.

A former national security advisor to the country certainly would be a good source for the viewers at home.

Here is the problem.

The Swedish government has no clue who Nils Bildt is.

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Nobody in the Swedish government has ever heard of Bildt.

“This is not a person who is known to [the government],” said Catarina Axelsson, a press officer at Sweden’s foreign ministry.

Marinette Nyh Radebo, a spokeswoman for Sweden’s defense ministry, said Bildt has never worked for the Swedish government or the country’s armed forces.

Johan Wiktorin, the CEO of a strategic intelligence company in Sweden, tweeted that he’s “never heard of [Bildt] before… he’s not known in our circles as an expert.”

A humilliating moment for Bill O’Rielly, this is more about the O’Rielly factor than Fox News.

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Nils Bildt was never a national security advisor to Sweden, but somehow the producers did not feel the need to vet the man before putting him on national television.

It would have made sense to at least call the Swedish foreign ministry before airing the segment.

Which “The Factor” failed to do, they just rolled out the interview in unprofessional fashion.

What we have here is lazy television journalism, and yet another insult to the Swedish people.

The crew over at Fox has now produced two separate segements concerning the Swedish people that literally define the term fake news.

Well done!



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