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Terror in Berlin: A truck crashes into a Christmas market killing 12, injuring 50

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On a day that already saw the most high profile political assassination in years, terror has struck the beautiful city of Berlin Germany once again.

Only months after a tragic shooting in a shopping mall, a large black truck crashed into a Christmas Market killing almost 10 people, and injuring 50.

The death toll could rise according to reports.

The timing of the incident is alarming, because it represents two terror related attacks within 6 hours of each other.

Germany has become a target because of it’s prosperity,  the liberal nature of the culture, and the people make it one of the more socially advanced countries on the planet.

A shining example of western culture.

Germany has had internal issues with immigration, and certain components of the right wing in the country are in favor of more stringest measure to control the incoming population.

While there was no reason given for this horrible tragedy, it’s safe to assume that there was an agenda.

This was a tragic statement, not a random act of violence.





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