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The 15 year old girl that went missing with her teacher is found in California

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A month ago 15 year old Elizabeth Thomas went missing in Tennessee.

Local authorities believed she had been kidnapped by her teacher Tad Cummins, and a massive nationwide manhunt ensued.

For weeks, the parents, the cops, the FBI, nobody had any idea where Cummins had taken Elizabeth, or even if she was alive.

She was spotted in Oklahoma, but other than that?


As time went by, the situation became more and more terrifying.

Today, as result of an anonymous tip, Tad Cummins was located, arrested, and Elizabeth Thomas has been removed from his custody.

An ideal result, there is countless stories of girls going missing and never being found.

As it turns out however, this was not a kidnapping.

The two of them were spotted living together at a cabin in a rural part of California, the tipster referred the information to an information hotline, and the duo were confronted by police a short while later.

Tummins is currently being held without bail, and will be extradited to Tennessee where he will face charges that include sexual contact with a minor, and kidnapping.

The case will be a tough battle for both sides.

Tummins will certainly go to jail for his sexual crimes, contact with a minor is unacceptable whether consent is in play, or not.

Kidnapping will be difficult to prove if the two conspired to run away together, and actually took up residence at a cabin.

They were even spotted at a Walmart together in Oklahoma and she did not appear to be restrained, or forcefully in his custody.

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Elizabeth was not taken against her own free will, it appears she believed the two were in a relationship.

This is a thorny situation, but at least the criminal has been caught, and the young woman is safe.



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