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The DHS to Tastie Fish “We only deal with Bona Fide reporters”

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The Tastie Fish Newsroom has actively been attempting to verify if Ike Kaveladze is an American citizen, and if he is, was he an American citizen when he was enrolled at the University of New Haven.

Tastie Fish filed a report on Tuesday detailing the mysterious web that surrounds Ike Kaveladze’s time in the elm city, and upon further investigation, the questions have only widened.

There is no records of Ike Kaveladze living in New Haven, no tax records, property records, no trail of paperwork in the city.

He lived in the Bronx and Englewood Cliffs New Jersey according to public records, and then turned up in California sometime later.

Perhaps he was a commuter, but we don’t know if that is legal per VISA laws.

The University of New Haven told Tastie Fish he was an American citizen, but they based that claim on the testimony of attorney Scott Balber,, who told the Washington Post that Kaveladze has lived in America for a long time, and is a citizen.

There is no evidence on the record that he is a citizen, and the State Department would not confirm to Tastie Fish if he was on a VISA.

Also, it has been widely reported that Mr. Kaveladze graduated with an MBA from the University of New Haven, that is false, it was an EMBA.

An EMBA implies that Mr. Kaveladze was here at the behest of a company, the program is retrofitted for experienced working professionals, and is usually paid for by a business.

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Turns out that Mr. Kaveladze was hired by Crocus less than a year after graduating from the UNH, so who paid for his education, who sponsored his participation in the program is currently being investigated by this newsroom.

Mr. Kaveladze was also investigated by Congress for allegedly laundering $1.4 billion dollars from Eastern European sources to bank accounts he opened at Citibank prior to attending UNH.

Tastie Fish has been unable to verify why UNH would accept him into the EMBA program after a Congressional inquiry for allegedly smuggling billions of dollars, or if he obtained a student VISA to study at the school.

Per the direction of the US State Department, Tastie Fish contacted the Department of Homeland security in an effort to determine if Mr. Kaveladze was indeed a US citizen.

A spokesperson instructed Tastie Fish to include our inquiry in an email, along with other questions, and told our reporters they would get back to us.

Wednesday came and went without word from the DHS, which was confusing to our newsroom because it’s a straight forward question.

Is the man a US citizen or not?

If so, when?

Tastie Fish spoke with a DHS spokesperson Thursday morning who again instructed this magazine to direct the request through email, and apologized for nobody getting back to us

When no answer was presented more than 6 hours later, Tastie Fish again contacted the DHS later Thursday afternoon, and again inquired in regards to our investigation.

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Via telephone, The DHS spokesperson told Tastie Fish they only deal with “Bona Fide reporters from bona fide news agencies”.

After some verbal sparring (which we will keep of the record)Tastie Fish was again directed to direct the same email a 3rd time to the same address.

In that email, Tastie Fish expressed extreme disappointment that the DHS felt the need to denigrate a new age news outlet as oppose to answering a very important question.

Because we are not CNN, we are not entitled to the truth? 

This is press of the button type stuff, ICE certainly has no issues sorting out who is a citizen, and who is not a citizen.

According to Wikipedia, ICE is a department within the DHS, so determining the citizenship of a Soviet state actor that is claiming to be an American should be an easy task.

All the deportations we see on the news, and the DHS cannot determine if the man is a citizen?

The investigation into Russian meddling in the American election is starting to percolate, and one of the Russian actors that was in that room with Trump campaign officials is claiming he is an American citizen.

But government officials we have pressed either don’t want to verify it, or don’t actually know.

Which is astonishing.

In an email response, the DHS expressed that they didn’t feel Tastie Fish submitted a serious inquiry, and disregarded the request, and this is after 3 emails and 2 phone call conversations.

Seems like an odd alternative, even if we are not “bonafide reporters”, a simple email response could have saved everyone some time, we would have written it off as the DHS keeping the truth close to the vest.

We still would have the same questions we do now, among them, why is the State Department, the DHS, and the USCIS playing hot potato over this?

The DHS has informed Tastie Fish that they are including the USCIS in our inquiry into the claim that Ike Kaveladze is a citizen, and attached 3 administrators from that outfit on a communication to us.

As of Thursday evening, after 72 hours of inquiring, the DHS has yet to confirm if Ike Kaveladze is an American citizen, and his lawyer has not responded to numerous requests to comment for this story.

We will update this story when they get back to us, and we promise to publish a Bona Fide report.



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