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The NYT report on Trump’s daily habits is insane!

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The New York Times published a remarkable report on Saturday concerning the daily living habits of President Trump.

Trump’s daily(crazy) machinations have become so routine to the country, that most of us rarely stop to consider what life is really like at the White House.

Or how the President truly operates.

The NYT snapped the situation into focus earlier this afternoon.

President Trump is living like he is at war, he is treating the White House like it’s a storm bunker.

Call it paranoia if you will, the Times just painted a troubling picture of the man who leads us all.

Here are some highlights.

-Trump watches four to 8 eight hours of television a day, languishing in his bed while he tweets on his Iphone.

-Trump told top aides to treat the Presidency like a daily television show where he vanquishes his foes at the end of the program.

-Trump has to be coached to start working before 10am but wakes up every morning at 5:30am

-He drinks six diet cokes a day

-There is televisions all over the west wing that are retrofitted with “Super Tevo”, a unique system that records news shows

-Trump actually gets his news from CNN(the first channel he flips to) but relies on Fox and Friends for his daily back rub

Trump is an unconventional President, so it should surprise nobody that his daily routine is so odd, his treatment of his subordinates so hostile.

The article reads like an expose on a dictator that wants to control the free press.

President Trump is obssessed with the very media he denigrates, and views his job as reality television, not goverance.

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Missing from the article is substantive information on how is handling the esclating Mueller investigation, but certain elements of the report gives the reader a sense that the President is buckling under the pressure, and becoming more and more out of touch with his overall responsibility to the country.



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