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The sight of a dog being chained to the top of an open moving trailer is infuriating

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You have to wonder how some people sleep at night.

Earlier this week, two citizens spotted a dog chained to the top of a crate sitting on the trailer hitched to a moving veheicle.

This was in the middle of the interstate, based on the video, the truck was traveling no less then 60 miles an hour.

This is cruel, depraved, and criminal.

The citizens that filmed the situation did contact the humane society, and it appears Zeus (that’s the dogs name) is “well cared for” according to the AP.

The pet owners responsible for this madness should not be allowed to own an animal, the danger the dog was placed in makes no sense.

What if there had been an accident?

What if a tire had popped?

What happens to the dog?

Very said state of affairs indeed, despicable behavior.






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