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The transgender military ban is state sponsored bigotry plain and simple

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President Trump announced on Twitter yesterday morning that he is banning all Transgender Americans from serving in the armed forces in any capacity.

He fired everybody.

His announcement shocked the world, and it was infuriating that such a damaging decision was made on social media.

There is roughly 15,000 Transgender Americans currently serving in the US military, countless more that hope to serve.

President Trump’s decision is so mind boggling, that most of the country still can hardly believe it.

Not only because it appears to be a direct form of state sponsored bigotry, but also because the logistics of such an endeavor are almost impossible to imagine.

There is contracts, deployments.

There is Transgender Americans serving in every corner of the military, civilians, nurses, you name it.

These brave citizens are career military personnel, dedicated to protecting freedom, and justice.

The combined skill, experience, and readiness of all the Transgender Americans in the US military cannot be appraised, you simply cannot replace all of those resumes combined.

This announcement weakens the country tactically our armed forces are losing an endless amount of assets.

The move is both a bigoted, and shockingly stupid decision from a man who is charged with protecting us all.

On it’s face?

This announcement was certifiably insane, it was terrifyingly bigoted, and it was produced by the President of the United States who had no plan of action before altering thousands of lives.

The White House did not even have an academic explanation for all the people they devastated yesterday.

Trump claims there is “tremendous cost” associated with Transgender service members.

WTF is that all about?

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The President spends about roughly 3 times($27 million thus far) the amount of taxpayer money on golf courses(that he owns) then the military spends on “Transgender medical care”.

The US military spends more on Viagra than Transgender medical care.

So the “they are too expensive argument” is hogwash.

Then Trump spoke to readiness.


He is literally plucking people from the battlefield, how much more ready can you be?

And what does he know about serving in the military, documentation shows that President Trump was in no hurry to go to Vietnam, exemptions here, excuses there, the man did not want to strap on the boots and fight.

President Trump’s decision is an affront to American values, it’s a shameful conduit for racism, and it’s so damaging to the social structure of our country, so against what the United States is about.

This decision was made to pander to his base because they are ticked off about the Jeff Sessions fiasco that Trump himself created.

There is racism rampant within Trump base, pulsating bigotry, it’s disgusting to even think about it.

Trump did this for political capital, Mr. President saw this as a means to an end, it has nothing to do with the military, or readiness, he weakened our armed forces, so give us a break that this somehow helps the country.

Has the White House taken 5 seconds to think about the 15,000 service members who now sit in limbo, and have to swallow the shock of being fired over sexuality?

These people have friends they are leaving behind, colleagues, brothers and sisters in arms, this was a gut wrenching decision that destroyed lives.

To make matters worse, the chaotic White House does not even have answers, the people who were fired have no direction, they don’t know where to go, what to do, if they will be paid, there is no paperwork, no legislation.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders threatened to end the press briefing yesterday when pressed by a group of confused reporters.

That’s not leadership, that is this White House.

Just chaos, all the time, 24/7.

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The President has failed to pass any meaningful pieces of legislation, perhaps the most unproductive administration Washington DC has ever seen.

Immigration? Fail

Health Care? Fail

The Trump administration has trouble producing, but they sure are masters at taking things away.

They don’t add to the American union, they subtract, and all of us are constantly left holding the check.

Oh yeah, Trump campaigned as an advocate of the LBGQT community, less than a year later he does this?

Would it be unfair for most of America to see that as fraudulent behavior?

Not it would not.

Racism is on fire in this country, all the bigots out there are crawling out from under the rocks, and spreading hate in every direction, the President enforcing a sexuality ban in the military will only encourage all these intolerant human beings to keep right on trucking.

Racism, bigotry, it’s a mechanism employed by a disgusting segment of our population, a mindset of truly evil people, and President Trump just injected rocket fuel into the movement.

The good news historically is that bigotry will never prevail, people that champion bigotry are always defeated, they will never win, tolerance always carries the day, and the damage that Trump did yesterday morningĀ  will come back to bite him in him in the backside.





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