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The US recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is ruffling feathers

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President Trump is set to announce that Jerusalem will be recognized as the official captial of Israel by the United States.

The impending announcement is set to shake the international establishment, and could stir unwanted unrest in a region of the world that is already rife with instability.

Trump is addressing a question that many believe should be decided between the Israel, and the Palestine.

In recoginzing Jerusalem as the captial of Israel, Trump is appears to be affirming Israeli sovereignty over the Holy City, which is something that Israel wants, and has maintained to some degree anyway, but there is a cost.

Palestine views the move as a “violation of international law”, a direct attempt on the sovereignty of the country.

The type of language that starts wars.

The two nations have engaged in armed conflict several times over this issue, and although the majority of the city is Jewish, there remains an Arab population, and they are not going to be pleased with this decision.

This could go beyond Israel, and motivate criminals to commit acts of lunacy.

There is fear of blowback, moving the US Embassy to the Holy City could ignite a bon fire of violence, and the fact that the President expouses bigtory towards Muslims will only further fuel the blaze.

Israel meanwhile is pleased with the move, for decades country has sought this action, and now they have it.




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