Washington Post Express apologizes for offensive cover depicting the million women’s march

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The Washington Post is a newspaper I grew up on.

Captain Crunch, MC Hammer, and the Washington Post.

These are the institutions that cultivated me in the morning during my formative years.

In fact, it’s fair to surmise that I have become a journalist because of my morning routine during my childhood.

I learned at a very young age what a world class newspaper looks and reads like.

Those sessions were the genesis of my passion.

The Post is the most respected print publication in the United States this side of the New York Times.

Not only in terms of the literature, but the ethical conduct of the people behind those words.

I could not have more respect for the newspaper, and that admiration was thrown into a mild chaos when I saw the cover of the Washington Post Express, which is an offshoot of the Post.

Although it later would be revealed to be a mistake, that still does not excuse the initial editorial process, and raises questions about whether or not it was a “mistake”.

The editors over at the Washington Post Express published an intriguing story about the impending million women’s march that will take place the day after President Elect Donald Trump is sworn into office.

The demonstration is expected to draw at least 150,000 citizens, and not just women.

The march has become a battle cry for Americans who are less than enchanted with Donald Trump, and his platform, and the reality that he will be the leader of the free world.

The march should be amazing, but the cover that the Post used for the story is not.

When I saw the cover, I could hardly believe it.

Correct me if I am wrong, but the collection of women seem shaped to resemble a penis symbol, which is such a ridiculous decision that you want to believe it was a mistake.

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Why in the world would the Washington Post Express spotlight an historically signifigant public demonstration, and summarize the movement into such an irresponsible image?

It almost feels like a jab at the organizers, an illustrated affront to women.

Some of the most brilliant minds in the world work at the Washington Post, so it’s difficult to believe that this was some type of oversight.

Given the fact that it’s a large scale demonstration organized by women, the appearence of a penis symbol does not add up.

Several qualified people gave this cover the greenlight, and why they chose to do so will remain a mystery.

I personally found it to be disappointing, and unbecoming of the Washington Post.

So when they apologized, and told the readers that it was a mistake, I did feel better about it.

But that does not make the initial mistake any less damaging.


The Million Women’s March on Washington is on!

After some confusion, an issue with permits, and banishment from the Lincoln Memorial, the demonstrators will show up in full force, and fight for what makes this country great.

I could not be more proud of the citizens that will stand up for what this union is supposed to be about.

God speed to all of them.



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