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The world ignoring what is happening in Aleppo is an embarrassing injustice


The Syrian War rages on.

The Russian Federation, and the Syrian Millitary, have been brutally squashing all parties friendly to the nationwide rebellion that has held the country hostage for the better part of 4 years.

This conflict has been among the uglier millitary confrontations of the modern era.

450,000 people have died according to a Syrian War watch group, 50,000 children have lost their lives.

People are dying in large numbers everyday, and this is not from natural causes.

The population is being murdered on a mass cale, and the actors responsible continue to move with arrogance, and impunity.

At the center of this madness, is the city of Aleppo.

A city that is saturated with historical value.

It was one of the biggest cities in the Ottoman Empire, and now is the 3rd biggest city in the Syrian region.

A sprawling village that is populated by 1.8 million people.

Or at least it was.

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The Syrian Civil war is threatening to reduce the city to ashes, even when it’s clear that the insurgents are no longer in the area, the Russian Millitary is still ¬†breaking the people with relentless unsoliticed aggression.

The conflict in Aleppo has raged since 2012, but the inclusion of the Russian’s into the conflict has resulted in expotentially more casualties.

This is not war, this is not quelling a rebellion, this is similar to shooting fish in a barrel.

The Russians and the Syrians are bombing civilians at this point, and they have done so for months despite the objections of human rights organizations, and  international community.

These are not millitary bases being destroyed.

These are places of peace.

Hospitals, schools, public roads, coffee shops.

Vladimir Putin and Assad are claiming that this campaign is targeting ISSS, and other criminal networks operating within the country.

The problem is, free citizens keep dying, and the numbers are starting to push the limits.

This more than anything, is why the United States has suspended cooperation with the Kremlin.

How can we be party to mass murder?

The daily shelling is going from a millitary intervention, to the slaughter of a population that stopped defending itself long ago.

The world by and large has done nothing about this.

We read about it, we hear about it, but Vladimir Putin, and the Syrian government, have been free to attack these people with sophisticated weaponary with no checks on the general decision making.

The impact will be felt for generations, entire familes have disappeared.

Both these men are murderers.

Putin is a meglomanic, and is responsible for countless deaths, both in his own country, and abroad.

He has zero problem with shelling a civilian population if he believes it will create an inroad with the White House.

Putin is using human life to blackmail the United States.

Bashar al-Assad meanwhile is not only a murderer, he is a lunatic.

The methods he has employed to create order have been compared to Nazi Germany on several occasions.

He has been accused of crimes against humanity over the course of his reign, but has remained in power by rigging elections, and destroying the will of the citizens.

When the Syrians decided they had enough of his rule, he declared war on them.

This is a man who used chemical weapons on his own people, he is the leader that will end up being responsible for over a million deaths if this war continues into the latter stages of 2017.

The bigger problem is the apathy that the world is demonstrating, we have turned the cold shoulder.

Similar to what we did in the 40’s.

It wasn’t until allied soilders walked into the concentration camps that we truly discovered the extent of the horror.

I fear that is the type of situation we have here.

The international community complains that Syrian refugees are pouring into western countries, but never take five f%%%ing minutes to understand why.

The images say it all, Syria has become the most dangerous place on earth.

There is a large group of innocent people that are not only dying, they are being blown up, shot, fired upon with weapons that are meant for war, and they have no hope.

Nobody to stand against evil, the world has abandoned them.

These citizens are not criminals, they have done nothing to deserve the brutality that has been visited upon them day in and day out.

This is a genocide, the organized destruction of an innocent population.

And what’s amazing, is that the world could not care less.

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These two nations, Russia, and Syria must be made to pay severely, and they only act with such bravado because they don’t believe the world will step up and stop them.

The images coming out of the city are unacceptable, downright terrifying at times.

We are looking at war crimes in motion, some have mentioned it in passing over the last couple weeks, but the time has come to confront Putin, and the truth.

His army killed thousands of  civilians, and he himself enabled a dictator who killed more people than that.

If we the international community are going to ignore the loss of life in Syria, then we dont have the right to be upset when the victims of this tragedy strike back.

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And the revenge won’t take take in Aleppo.

It will take place in Moscow, Miami, or even Paris.

Unjust events such as these are exactly the type of circumstances that galvanize warriors.

Because this is an injustice, entire bloodlines were lost, and are never coming back.

The seeds for disaster have been planted, and we have nobody but ourselves to blame.

We have given evil a pass, and now, we will deal with the consequences.




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