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The WSJ is facing a mutiny, and a heap of external criticism after the Trump interview

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The Wall Street Journal conducted a wide ranging interview with the President of the United States last Friday.

The White House sit down had all the trimmings of a classic interview, the President is under attack, no President in history has created this sort of drama within 6 months.

The Wall Street Journal is a quality newspaper, one of the very best in the country.

Liberal, conservative, it does not matter, the journalism is top notch.

So the expectation was that the attending reporters would press Donald Trump, a public servant who has launched an unprecedented assault on the media.

That’s not what happened.

The interview covered key issues, and pointed out the positive things that the President is doing, but there is problems.

First of all it does not read like an interview, more like a poolside chat with beers in tow.

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Laughing, waxing poetically about elite level social events, Ivanka interrupting, stretches of irrelevant discussion, not pressing the President about Russia or the different revelations.

It was odd.

This is one of the most respected newspapers in the world, a newsroom with gifted staff, and many of them were already upset with editor Gerard Baker over the coverage of the President.

The interview with Trump seems to have been the tipping point however, when the editor of the newspaper made the decision to not release the full transcript of the interview, he started a revolution in his own newsroom.

Staff members at the newspaper leaked the full transcript, it circulated amongst the community yesterday, writers at the Journal blasted it to every corner of the galaxy.

That’s rebellion, and it was justified.

These writers stood up in one voice, and said “No, we don’t accept that”.

They don’t accept it because the staff at the journal had previously confronted¬† Baker over the paper’s softball coverage of Trump, and the stubborn refusal of the editor to publish damaging stories.

This transcript was not leaked to hurt Trump, because he is who he is, the President has made the majority of those statements on television or twitter, there was no real bombshell.

This was leaked to hurt the Baker, his employees wanted the world to see how unprofessional his approach is to this controversial President.

And it was unprofessional, the decision to not release the full transcript was denigrating to the reporters at the paper that want to cover the story objectively.

Politico has published the transcript.



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