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Thousands of courageous women march for equality

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A beautiful nation wide event took center stage saturday morning, and the timing could not have been better amid the inescapable noise of squabbling politicians.

With the government shut down, and the country celebrating one year with Donald Trump as president, women across the country marched in the name of gender equality, and basic human rights.

They made quite the statement to the tune of millions.

Lets go ahead and call it one of the largest mass demonstrations in US history.

After months and months of painful revelations regarding sexual abuse, assault, or harassment, a galvanized group of protesters hit the streets, peacefully airing their outrage with the current state of the country, and the behavior of the polarizing occupant of the White House.

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Mr. Trump for his part could not pass up the opportunity to denigrate the protesters, while conflating the mass demonstration with some of his so called accomplishments.
This historic march was about equality, freedom, strength in numbers, such an amazing circumstance should make it clear to the those in power what the will of the people actually is, and what it will take to be for us to truly become great again.




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