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Top secret audio tapes and files implicating Russia in JFK’s death are released

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Some historically explosive information was released this weekend that starts to unpack the unknown details of the investigation into John F Kennedy’s death.

Numerous factions have been accused of conspiring to kill one of America’s greatest Presidents, from the Fidel Castro’s Cuba, to the various crime families in the Midwest.

Nobody knows for sure, even the Warren Commission could not draw any viable conclusions.

Kennedy’s death remains a great source of frustration for historians and citizens alike.

What happened?

Will we ever know?

Kennedy’s death is in the same breath as Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance or the alien landing in Roswell New Mexico.

The mysterious and brutal nature of Kennedy’s death has made way for a boatload of conspiracy theories.

This latest tidbit is no accident, this information coming to light is no coincidence.

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Newsweek says top secret files were released including audio files and transcripts concerning the interrogation of a former soviet spy who claimed to have knowledge of the killer’s connection to Moscow.

KGB defector Yuri Nosenko claimed that Lee harvey Oswald — Kennedy’s Killer — was put under surveillance when he took a trip to Russia but was not recruited.

Nosenko was then accused of shielding information about a Soviet plot to kill JFK and was held for over 3 years by the CIA.

His testimony was ultimately marked as “not believed relevant” but the Chief of Counterintelligence at the CIA believed that there is a deeper connection between Oswald and the Russians.

The transcripts of those tapes are allegedly incredible, but there is no concrete information tying Lee Harvey Oswald to Russia other than a mysterious trip the assassin took to the country.

The only connection is this spy, who was held by the CIA without charges being filed or a trial.

Due process aside, Newsweek should publish those tapes in full, and let the public evaluate what’s what.



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