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Trump’s behavior in Puerto Rico makes the skin crawl

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President Trump is currently in Puerto Rico attempting to bring hope to those that have none.

Took him long enough, the Hurricane Maria devastated the island nearly 10 days ago, and the President has been focused on much more important issues like Stephen Curry, and working on his handicap at the Trump Golf Resort in New Jersey.

President’s Trump approach to Puerto Rico has been in stark contrast to his reaction to Hurricane Harvey, and Hurricane Irma, at times it truly seems he does not give two shi/ts about Puerto Rico, the people, the country, or the total destruction of infastructure.

The President even went as far as to attack Carmen Cruz, the mayor of San Juan.

As Mayor Cruz was wading through 3 feet of water,  taking full responsibility for her people, the President of the United States was golfing, and trolling her on Twitter.

Trump’s behavior upset everyone, which is hardly a rare occurence, but this particular incident had depth, it reminded many of the White House response to Hurricane Katrina.

But as time wore on, Trump’s response to the disaster became far worse than George Bush’s lazy reaction to Katrina.

This is not laziness, this is complete indifference, almost bordering on hostility.

Despite the fact that he might be the most hated man to ever visit Puerto Rico, Trump still opted to visit anyway, and furnished the following behavior at a press event on the island. .

As people live without water pressure, electricity, or food, the President of the United States told Puerto Rico that “you’ve thrown our budget out of whack”.

“What’s your death count? 16? You should be proud, Katrina was in the thousands.”

Think about that for a second.

In one fatal swoop, Trump insulted the entire Puerto Rican population by complaining about the budget while people are dying, and then he attempts to qualify the the damage of the hurricane based on a death toll that has not been fully vetted.

The uplifting words he read off a teleprompter after the Las Vegas massacre pale in comparison to this despicable statement in the presence of suffering Americans.

His attitude, his approach to the situation is unbecoming of an American President, Trump has debased the Presidency to levels that will affect the perception of the office for decades to come.

Trump’s approach to people of color is miles away from his approach to people that are white, and everyone reading this post knows it.





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