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Vegas Massacre: What drove Stephen Paddock to shoot 50 people?

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Last night at the Harvest Country Music Festival in Las Vegas, a lone 64 year old gunman name Stephen Paddock carried out the deadliest mass shooting in American history.

Mr. Paddock took up temporary residence at the Mandlay Bay Hotel, his room was specifically selected for it’s vantage point.

From that room, he sprayed an untold amount of gunfire on large crowd of innocent civilians.

Mr. Paddock checked into his room with the intention of conducting this senseless attack on thousands of innocent people.

Stephen Paddock was going to kill as many citizens as possible.

According to law enforcement, a cache of weapons was found in his room, 19 plus guns in all, and Mr. Paddock shot himself before the authorities could engage him in a gun battle.

So this was a suicide mission, Mr. Paddock was willing to kill himself, and anyone else in the name of whatever twisted sense of logic led him to murder so many innocent Americans.

He also injured 400, but you get the feeling that Mr. Paddock would have killed everyone if he had gotten the chance.

Imagining the scene in that hotel room is difficult to comprehend, it was similar to the scene in Terminator 2, when the T-500 shoots it out with the entire LAPD.

Except Mr Paddock killed himself when people started shooting back, he had no problem picking  off innocent people, but took his own life when he had to face trained professionals.

Mr. Paddock was firing his weapons to the point that the smoke alarm went off in his room, that’s how they located him, that implies a surreal chain of events.

While not as destructive as the World Trade Center bombing, or 9-11, this act will forever live in infamy, a dark day in American history.

The question is, why did Stephen Paddock do it?

A 64 year old white man from an upscale housing development who was in possession of 10 weapons stirs of the echos of right wing extremism, a 2nd amendment lunatic, but even that theory does not fully translate because he attacked a country music concert as oppose to a hip hop conclave, or a world championship fight.

From Twitter

There is rumors flying all over the internet about Mr. Paddock’s personal beliefs,  all of which is speculation until the police conclude this developing investigation.

Mr. Paddock’s motives will be torn apart in the coming days, but there is a growing assumption out there that he conducted this attack in response to the current political climate in this country.

Which is irresponsible, people seem in a rush to blame one side of the fence.

We don’t know everything yet, all we know is that 50 people died for no reason, and 400 more are in the hospital.

We know Mr. Paddock did not have a criminal record, was retired, and until this incident had lived a quaint life.

Until we know more, it would be wonderful if certain media members, and internet trolls held off on politicizing this tragedy.

Everyone to shut up, respect the victims, and let the police do their work.

Meanwhile……silence from the White House



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