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Video: Amid intense pressure, Al Franken has resigned from the US Senate

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Senator Al Franken has resigned from the US Senate.

During a dramatic speech this morning, Franken admitted it’s been “a very tough couple weeks”, but feels he is a lucky man because of his family and his health.

After over 20 of his colleagues called for him to step down, the embattled senator announced his decision today on the floor of the Senate.

At least seven women have accused Senator Franken of unwanted advances, including most recently when a woman alleged that he “forcibly” kissed her in 2006.

Franken’s decision to resign caps off three weeks of esclating allegations against the Senator from Minnesota.

Franken also eluded to President Trump’s transgressions during his farewell speech, citing the fact that man sitting in the oval office “bragged about sexual assault on tape”.

Franken is now the second democratic lawmaker to resign this week in wake of sexual abuse related allegations.




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