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Video: Senators Ted Lieu and Hakeem Jeffries wipe the floor with Jeff Sessions

From Youtube

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is on the hot seat.

The former Senator is as exposed legally now as he ever has been over the course of the investigation.

The fact is, the testimony Jeff Sessions has submitted to Congress in reference to the probe into Russian interference does not jive with the evidence.

That meets the legal prequsite for perjury, the highest law enforcement officer in the land is allegedly guility of a federal crime.

Senator Al Franken has been screaming this from the Mt Everest for a nearly year now.

The full extent of Sessions’s involvement ┬áin collusion is also under scrutiny, and could result in his resignation.

Sessions made a planned appearance before the House Judiciary committee this morning as the stink of the Trump Jr fisaco was being absorbed by the country.

Sessions faced a tough line of questioning, but two cross examinations stick out.

Senator Ted Lieu and Senator Hakeem Jefferies both came very cose to establishing an open and shut case of perjury, and the suspect is the Attorney General of the United States.

The video speaks for itself.



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