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Vladimir Putin was exposed and humiliated by the US missile strikes in Syria

President Trump and his administration are currently under investigation for alleged ties to Russia, those ties range from financial to flat out collusion.

The probe already has become a watershed moment in American history, Trump and his associates are facing questions that could literally turn this country upside down.

Furthermore, the Trump administration, and Devin Nunes, have only exaberbated the controversy with a sequence of events that was something out a spy novel.

The FBI, the CIA, and Congressional Committees are putting the heat on the Trump administration, and the cracks in the foundations was starting to show as recently as 3 weeks ago.

Of course we don’t know exactly what happened, but it’s clear based on the way law enforcement is collecting evidence that something happened.

President Trump has been in desperation mode, it becomes less likely everyday that his will see a second term, or the end of this term.

On Tuesday, after years of murdering his own people, Bashar al-Assad attacked a Syrian village with a nerve agent, the type of warfare not seen since World War 1.

What would ensue could end up being a turning point in world history, an inhumane attack on babies.

President Trump flipped out, he abandoned his ridiculous nationalistic platform, and defended the innocent.

Perhaps he is tired of being under siege by the American media and the FBI, perhaps he felt the need to throw his weight around as President of the United States.

Whatever the pretext, President Trump shocked the world with his response.

Nobody saw this coming.

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Not the Chinese, the the Russians, North Korea, or Iran.

Nobody was more blown away than Vladimir Putin, his response was not in line with his strongman persona

This attack made the Russians look weak on several levels.

First of all, the United States gave the Russians advance notice,  the Russians had 60 minutes to prepare it’s missle defense systems.

They could have shot down those missiles easily.

They didn’t do that did they, instead they sat on their hands and said a Hail Mary.

The Russians bowed down to America, they were not at all interested in engaging with the US military, even with Russian personnel on the ground.

The key to surprise is speed and secrecy,  the machinations of the US military over the 48 hours between the chemical attack, and the air strikes, was flat out breathtaking.

The message was very clear to the Russians, the bone chilling videos that were dessiminated to the media of the bombs taking flight were intended for Russian viewing.

You have buzzed our warplanes, you have destabilized the Middle East, you have submitted extravagant threats about nuclear war, you illegally invaded Ukraine, you parked a spy sub off the coast of Connecticut, and you meddled with our election.

Because of this, we have been forced to show you what time it is.

We are the biggest baddest military on the planet, we can be anywhere in the world at the drop of a hat, and we are constantly ready to fight tonight.

This message extends to Iran, and North Korea.

China not so much, and we will get into why next time.

North Korea and Iran have been behaving badly independent of one another, the sight of US warships lighting up Syria is a serious precursor to war with both Iran and North Korea if they put human life at risk.

This public service announcement did the deed, world leaders were in awe of what America is capable of when pushed.

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And we have been pushed.

Barack Obama was a peace time President, who had no interest in world domination, and pointless wars.

Some in the international community has interpreted that era as an indictment on the true power of the United States.

During this time, the US military has been spoiling for a fight, people’s hands have been tied.

There is serious anger afoot about Russian aggression all over the world, and the temerity of Putin to interfere with our election process.

While reckless, and not totally within his rights as President, Trump’s attack was necessary to bring balance back to the force.

Some believe this is a high level distraction from Russiagate, that Vladimir Putin and President Trump cooked this situation up to cover their tracks, and confuse investigators.

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The theory is that the President is attempting to alter the narrative, and Putin is only too happy to play ball because it will serve both men at the end of the day.

If that’s true, we will find out down the road, and Trump will be prosecuted as a war criminal.

People died in these airstrikes, children apparently, so lets hope and pray this wasn’t some type of Hollywood production.

Lets proceed like it was an act of war that needs to be examined.

This was a game changer, lets not make any bones about that.

China is cozying up to America at the moment, the Chinese people actually like President Trump, they believe he is a business man at the end of the day and will be an amicable dealmaker.

Many feel that way, Trump has quietly fostered relationships all over the world, and it had put the Russian President in a tight spot.

Vladimir Putin has a decision to make because he now has the full attention of the US military, and the utter disdain of the American people.

How the American President truly feels about Putin is up for debate, but Trump will be removed from office if the government finds he is connected to Putin, that’s how forgone Putin is.

These chemical attacks were made possible by Vladimir Putin, the Syrian army is relying upon Russian equipment and personnel to destroy the spirit of the country one soul at a time.

This isn’t about Assad, this is about Putin, he has run amuck for years, and the time has come to shut him down.

The American military is going to flex it’s muscles, which will include more attacks.

Per the Presidents orders, they also will start a weapons buildup we have not seen since the Reagan era.

Congress and the FBI are going to sort out Russian involvement in our election, and the casualties of that process could include the American President himself.

American lawmakers are going to push for economic sanctions, that will further weaken a Russian economy that is in shambles.

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All this of is going to end badly for Putin, and he knows it.

This goes beyond President Trump, the Donald is incidental.

This is about stopping a madman before he attains enough power to do serious damage to the global community.

There was not many world leaders supporting Vladimir Putin yesterday, people believe he is enabling chemical attacks on innocent people, and he is doing so in the name of the Russian federation.

Putin’s own people want him out of office.

Trump’s airstrikes were an indicator that a new world order is upon us, and Vladimir Putin better get with the program quickly.

For the last 3 years, he has promoted himself as a man who wants to fight, that has the brains and the brawn to challenge America.

Thursday night, after American launched a military airstrike, he put his tail between his legs, and exited stage left.





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