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Watch: A couple watches a live stream of two criminals robbing their house

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A home invasion is easily one of the scariest situations imaginable for anyone that owns a home or an apartment.

The thought of a hostile person invading your privacy, and stealing personal items is terrifying.

Often these criminals perfer to stage an attack during the day when working people are not home, rarely are they brazen enough to pull off a heist at night because of the risk involved.

While we often hear about these invasions, it’s not often that we get to see images of them in progress as oppose to a bank or a commercial business that is usually equipped with a solid surveillance¬†system.

A couple in Kansas City Missouri happened to catch a two burglars that forced their way into the home, and proceeded to pillage the place with the family dog wathing in bewilderment.

The robber didn’t bother climbing into a window, he was content pulverizing¬†the door, but only after ringing the doorbell.

That’s scary, what would he have done if someone had answered the door?

The couple were alerted to the intrusion when they received a text telling them there was movement in the home, after briefly believing it was the dog, the couple was shocked to see two criminals ransacking the house.

These two scumbags are still on the loose, but the long of arm of the law will embrace them any day now.





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