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Watch: A hero bus driver notices a 2 year old walking by himself, and saves the day

From Youtube

During the wee hours(6:30am) of the 4th of July, a bus driver named Duane Butler was cruising on his morning route when he noticed a small child walking by himself with no adults in sight.

Concerned, Mr. Butler stopped the bus, and convinced a passenger to go retrieve the boy, and bring him to the safety of the bus.

Once on board, the 2 year old child told Mr. Butler that was lost.

Duane Butler sprung into action, and he had some help from passengers, one passenger wiped down the boy’s nose, and comforted him until the police arrived.

The cops were successful in returning the young man to his mother, it appears the child got out of the house while everyone was sleeping.

The boy is safe, disaster was averted, score one for the good guys.



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