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Watch: Alexei Navalvy arrested by Russian Police

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Russian activist Alexei Navalvy was arrested by Russian police as he was set to participate in a rally boycotting the impending Russian election.

Navalvy has encouraged Russians to abstain from voting in the interested of freedom, and justice.

Last year Navalvy was barred from opposing incumbent Russian President Vladimir Putin in the general election on grounds that he had committed a “crime” that many believe was cooked up by the Kremlin.

Video of the activist being taken into custody exploded all over the internet this morning, and again raises questions about the legitmacy of the Putin regime.

Putin’s government not only wants to win the election, they want to do it with a strong enough mandate to justify the status quo.

A day filled with drama only got more confusing when Russian authorities raided the offices of Navalny under the premise of a criminal(they claimed there was a bomb threat) investigation, but most assumethe sting  was tied to mass protests that he was staging all over the country.

Over 1000 people marched in Moscow alone, and there is reports other protesters were arrested in various Russian cities.

Navalvy has long decried that the “election” is not actually an election because the will of the people won’t be represented, and the entire ticket is filled to the brim with nominees that were handpicked by the Kremlin.

Navalny’s activism is annoying the Kremlin because they need a large voter turnout to rationalize four more years for a “President” that will have been in office over 20 years when his term has concluded.




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