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Watch: Department of Defense releases video of the super bomb hitting ISIS

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Earlier this week, the US military dropped the “Mother Of All Bombs” on ISIS fighters located in the eastern part of Afganistan.

The MOAB is also known as the “mother of all bombs.” A MOAB is a 21,600-pound, GPS-guided munition that is America’s most powerful non-nuclear bomb.”

Damage assessments were not available in wake of the blast, but US intelligence estimated that over 800 ISIS fighters were in the vicinity when the bomb reached the surface.

ISIS claims that nobody died in the attack, but the Department of Defense released an official estimate today complete with a satellite imagery of the bomb hitting the target.

94 ISIS fighters dead according to US officials.

If that’s true, the dropping of this bomb was somewhat of a failure, despite it’s considerable power, the munition killed less than 20% of the estimated hostiles in the area.

President Trump called the dropping of the bomb a success, but the numbers indicate otherwise.

This engagement of this weapon sent a message to North Korea, beyond that, it did very little to tip the scales in the bloody war to defeat ISIS.




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