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Watch: Donald Trump Jr shares a video of a CNN plane being blown up

From Twitter

The Trump family is at war with the media, and they have escalated the battle from a war of words to seemingly encouraging violence.

Last week President Trump reposted a video of himself beating up a professional wrestler with a CNN head.

It was juvenile, but par for the course with the President of the United States.

President Trump was accused of attempting to motivate his base to commit acts of violence against some of the news organizations that have run afoul of the White House.

Less than a week later, Donald Trump Jr posts this.

These videos have nothing to do with politics, policy, or the national agenda, it’s also odd that the Trumps are more focused on the mainstream media, and not the criminal investigation that is consuming the White House.

If some act of terror is committed against a news organization that Donald Trump does not like, full responsibility will be laid at the feet of the Trump family.

The Trumps don’t belong in the White House, that’s the first thought that comes to mind when they post videos like this.



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